Book Review: Pieces of Lies

Book Review: Pieces of Lies by Angela Richardson

Passionately driven artist, Norah Ross, has been banished from New York to Morewell for her final semester of graphic design at McLaren University. Her move allows her to reconnect with Josh, her best friend, who is more then thrilled at Norah's appearance back into his life.

At the same time that Norah steps back into Josh's heart, she learns that he is in the process of being accepted into McLaren's uber exclusive secret society, the 'Lappell'. Josh takes Norah to the Lappell's glamorous parties in the hope of taking their friendship to the next level, but when Norah meets the handsome and elusive Clint Weston, a leader in the Lappell, he sweeps her off her feet in more ways then one.

Norah quickly becomes caught up in an emotional tug-of-war between the two guys while also trying to deal with her own secrets that follow her every day. When Norah's past begins to intertwine with her present, what unfolds is a series of dramatic events filled with romance, mystery and dark motivations. She quickly realizes the path to real love can be paved in all kinds of lies.

Have you ever had a moment in time when it felt like it moved in slow motion? As if a split second felt like an hour because your mind cannot seem to process in the instant it’s supposed to, and the moment implodes on itself so you can barely breathe, and everything feels like a dream. A slow, heart-wrenching, time-freezing, dream.

Well, this was one of those moments for me.

― Angela Richardson, Pieces of Lies

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My thoughts: After I read this book, I'll admit that my mouth was totally agape. It's unbelievably… (Let me find the right words, hold on) amazingly, shocking. Pieces of Lies by Angela Richardson put my hearts emotion all mixed up into it. It's one hell of an emotional ride. One chapter would make me believe that I'm oh so in love with Clint's cheesy, heartfelt, sincere words to Norah then the next I'm totally shocked of what he's done. This love triangle (that suddenly became "square") contemporary, romance, new adult story is very well plotted, a truly epic one. The characters each have their own personas that you will love about them. Norah Ross a passionate artist that has a perfect image making her look so innocent -- but at the same time she's brave, so brave that she's willing to do anything for the people she cares about. Josh as being the ultimate perfect boy best friend a girl could ever have. Being an understanding friend to Norah, always there when she needs comfort from him. Clint Weston the leader of "Lappell" a guy who has everything! Money, influence, THE looks, (and when I say THE looks I mean he's HOT) every girl's dream.

If these three main characters I've just described to you are almost perfect and lovable how could there be something wrong with that? So this where you will be utterly shocked with the twists and turns.


All of those lies.

Deceiving and manipulating people. The dramas in Norah, Josh and Clint's lives that you will be surprised. Norah from her past, Josh from deceiving, Clint being manipulated. It's too much!

Love and lies. But will love be enough for all those lies? Like I said it cut my emotions wide open. I really, really loved it. And I hope you'll love it too. It has so many twist and turns, a mystery. That for me it will be worth reading. And surprisingly, there will be a sequel! Pieces of Truth That will be released on the 15th of May 2013. Of course Norah Ross deserves to know the truth! (And also us!)

Epic Quotes in Pieces of Lies
There are moments in your life that can change you forever, and you Norah, you are my forever moment.”-Clint Weston

Norah, you are not just the girl I want to marry but you’re my every aching desire.”
Truthfully, from the moment in front of the Chagall, you had me Norah. Until that moment, I didn't know moments like that existed between a man and a woman. I felt breathless, unhinged and lost, all in one split second because you deterred my future with just one look. You have no idea how completely floored I felt that a girl could so instantly take all my control and direction and all that I knew to be normal, and turn it completely and utterly upside down.”-Clint Weston

So nothing! Look, I get that coming here meant you could finally do things on your own, but you are just supposed to just take sips of freedom Norah – don’t just slam it down your throat like a tequila shot!”-Josh

Don’t look so worried Norah,” Clint was trying to reassure me, “you may have your naked painting and guns to help you escape… but me, when things get too much for me… I, drive.”-Clint Weston

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