Interview: Adept Edits

Welcome Adept Edits, Mary Kelley!

Thank you Mary from Adept Edits for taking the time to answer a few questions!

SRNA: How did you get started editing professionally?

MK: I used to be a teacher and a writing specialist. I was never fully satisfied working in the school system, so I quit. Yep! My husband about died. I have always loved reading; Blending my education with one of my passions was what led me to the world of editing. I started Adept Edits online and began networking my little heart out. Before I knew it, business was booming. The stars aligned in my favor, and I never looked back.

SRNA: How far in advance are you booked right now?

MK: I was booked out through 2013 until I hired on another editor. We are now able to start taking new clients in July!

SRNA: Typically, what's your turn-around time?

MK: This is a tough one. I don’t like to quote a deadline. I never know the amount of time it will take due to not knowing the depth of work needed to make a manuscript ready for publishing. But to give you a ballpark range, I would say 2-4 weeks.

SRNA: Are you the only editor at Adept Edits?

MK: No. My partner is the wonderful Lisa Christman! She is amazing and so fun to work with.

SRNA: Do you offer different types of editing for different prices? Or do you offer the whole enchilada for one price only? J

MK: Our basic level is a copy edit, and the elite level is our content editing. Descriptions and prices can be found on our Facebook page.

SRNA: Do you have a preferred genre you like to work with?

MK: Personally, I specialize in New Adult, Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Erotica. Lisa works with all genres!

SRNA: Now, when you sit down to read a published book, can you let go of the internal editor and just read, or do you find yourself unconsciously editing the book while you read it?

MK: It’s horrible; I totally edit while I read. It is so hard for me to read for pleasure. When I edit, I read extremely slow, so it is difficult to speed up my eyes. But yes, I can’t help myself from flagging errors when I try and read a book.  

SRNA: Name some authors you've worked with in the past:

MK: CA Williams, Lori L. Clark, Kim Karr, E.K. Blair, Rebecca Shea, LK Collins, Kathryn Perez …

SRNA: Finally, just for fun, what's your sign? J
MK: Straight to the bone, Aries.

Lori L. Clark

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  1. Great interview, Lori!! Awesome information :)

  2. Thanks Megan. Mary's so fun to work with all the way around!