Interview: Okay Creations Book Cover Design & Giveaway!

Today I'd like to welcome Sarah from Okay Creations! I'm sure you all recognize some of the covers above from various bestseller lists everywhere. Today we're going to talk to the woman behind the designs!

Welcome Sarah!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions about your work!

SRNA: How did you get started doing book covers?
OKC: I helped out a friend last summer (KA Linde) and did her cover, and it snowballed from there. I have been a graphic designer for over ten years. Book cover design had never even crossed my mind until I did that one. Then a lightbulb kind of went off and I thought this could really be something fun. It is 91% of the time. ;)

SRNA: So many books with covers you've designed have become bestsellers. What's it like to go online to places like and see all of your own designs staring back at you from the top selling books?
OKC: At first it was pretty strange. It still is when I really sit and think about how many people are seeing that. A few of mine are headed to major retailers, that's the next step. Walking into B&N and seeing my covers. That's going to be a incredible moment. When I first started doing this, I had some people think it was going to be a nice “hobby” for me, I don't think people really grasp what a giant career freelancing can be. Right now in this moment, I am easily more successful than I ever expected to be in my life, so to quote my favorite book “I'm on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend.”

SRNA: How do you determine which elements of design to use on the covers? For instance, let's say the heroine is a redhead; obviously you want to use a redhead on the cover. Do you get physical descriptions and/or other input from the author? Or do you read the book?
OKC: I never read the book. In fact, I make it a point now to never read any books I do the cover for. I know that may sound bad, especially with so many of them hitting best seller lists. But for me that truly is mixing business with pleasure. I love reading. I love my clients. I am a self professed book snob. I really don't want my opinion of a book ever affecting the designer/client relationship. I am so passionate about books I really don't want anything clouding my mind from the design. I ask for a very brief synopsis and the main character descriptions. I really want very little information about the story. The more I get, the more random stuff is firing around up there and I get scatterbrained very easily..haha.

SRNA: Do you purchase your graphics from one of the big online graphics places (like Bigstock, Dreamstime, etc.) or do you photograph your own models?
OKC: I purchase stock, and also use photographers. It just depends on the job and the author's budget.

SRNA: Do you use Photoshop or some other computer program?
OKC: Photoshop and Illustrator are it.

SRNA: You have an almost intuitive eye for design, were you always so creative?
OKC: I have always been this way, I grew up in a creative household. My father was pretty big in advertising for his entire adult life, and I take after him in that way. My passion really is interior design....I love it. I majored in fine arts in college. I also paint, draw, etc.

SRNA: Do you charge per hour, a standard rate per book cover? Or how does that work?
OKC: I charge a standard flat rate. If I had to keep track of hours we'd be in trouble :)

SRNA: I know we've focused a lot on book cover design here, what are some other things you do?
OKC: Hmmmm....facebook? HAHA! I like to read YA and dystopian novels, I spend the late hours of the night chatting with CH (you can figure it out – wink wink). I also am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and Revenge, never miss an episode. I spend far too much time shopping on Etsy. Walking around Barnes and Noble and drooling over the covers in the YA section. Going to book signings at Anderson's Book Shop (BEST BOOKSTORE EVER). In the summer you can find me at the beach across the street from me or my parents pool :)

SRNA: How can people contact you?
OKC: Email me at

SRNA: Last but not least, and just for fun... What's your sign?
OKC: I'm a sag :) November 28th

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  1. Such a busy bee this week, Sarah! I interviewed her on NA Alley! Awesome interview, ladies :D

  2. Thank you! :) I saw/read the review over at NA Alley! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ooh, Vampire Diaries! Are you team Stefan or Damen?

  4. Great interview, Sarah! Still feel blessed I got you booked when I did. Pretty soon you'll be too expensive for me. : ) Congrats on your success!

  5. Thanks Megan! Thanks everyone for stopping by. Sarah does amazing work! She's my book cover artist idol. LOL