Interview: Angela Richardson

Hello Angela and thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!

Angela Richardson is half Sicilian and grew up in a very large Italian / Sicilian community. A lot of her inspiration for her writing comes from her younger years with people she knew and past relationships. That, combined with her wild and creative imagination, has helped her come up with some very interesting story ideas.

Author of Pieces of Lies and Pieces of Truth.

SRNA: I really loved Pieces of Lies! Those sweet, epic lines of Clint Weston (Yes, I’m team Clint) to Norah swoon me over, and it made me wondered what makes you write such a lovely, amazing, emotional story?

Angela Richardson: I've been in quite a few, crazy, emotional, intense & deep relationships in my past.  It’s truly extraordinary how the opposite sex can surprise you with the things they say and do and how far they will go. I’ve learned that love is strange, addictive and can sometime intertwine and cross over between different people.    Pieces of Lies came from both experience and imagination.

SRNA: When and how long did it take you to finish Pieces of Lies?

Angela Richardson: About 5 months of writing and another month prepping.  Just over 6 months in total.

SRNA: I've notice that Norah’s playlist in the story is quite eclectic. Do you have an eclectic taste in music too?

Angela Richardson: Those songs in Pieces of Lies are some of my favorites.  Rock music certainly ignites and inspires me, but I also love classical, jazz, alternative and ballads.  I think I love all kinds of music to some degree.   Music comes from a passionate and creative place and I often use it when I write to help me set scenes in my head. 
SRNA: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Angela Richardson: When I was thirteen, maybe younger.  I kept journals, and I read constantly because my mother was a voracious reader and encouraged me and my sisters to read as much as we could.  I remember spending so much of my youth in bookstores, libraries and watching my mother devour piles and piles of books.  Am pretty sure I always knew.

SRNA: Is being a writer your first option as career? Or did you try on something else before being one?

Angela Richardson: Life dealt out certain road blocks and complications so I couldn't pursue it when I wanted to after high school. I ended up in welfare, but my heart was never in it as much as I thought it would be. Then when I was a bit older, and my mother passed, and I was thrown a few more dramatic curveballs, I decided enough was enough and told myself to just go for it You can only put your dreams on hold for so long before the voice in your head refuses to wait any longer. (Wow! That is just so inspiring) I am happier now than I have ever been.  My mother would have been happy to see that I finally followed my heart.

SRNA: Did you intend to write a New Adult book or did it just happen?

Angela Richardson: When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I got myself mixed up in some crazy roller-coasters that you could call relationships, so when I started writing, I just gravitated to that time in my life and age group.  New Adult are still young enough to be really dramatic, over the top and emotional.  It’s fun, exciting and passionate and you get swept up easily in your actions.  It’s an age group where it’s more - ‘act first, think later’, and makes for a really entertaining story if you step outside the box.

SRNA: If you will cast Pieces of Lies, who would like to be portraying the roles?

Angela Richardson: This is tough cause I’m a bit of a movie/TV buff too, so this took a lot of thought.  I couldn’t find an actress that I was happy with for Norah, so I settled on the model - Alejandra Alonso.  She would have to wear brown contacts but she has the exact face/look/body I see for Norah.

The rest of the casting is:-
Josh-Brant Daugherty

Clint-Zach Roerig

Samuel-Tyler Hoechlin

Tess-Jane Levy

SRNA: I’m so glad you've made a sequel for Pieces of Lies.  Is it true that it will make some readers raise their eyebrows? 

Angela Richardson: I've had some explosive reactions to the sequel.  It’s not your ordinary ending and has left people rather conflicted.  People are happy but are not sure if they should be.  It messed with their heads.  But most people have enjoyed the fact it went there, and that it raised so many emotions.  It’s just... a little different.  I think it stays true to the series.  I've just announced I will be doing a third book in the series too which I've started writing and am very excited about it.

SRNA: Do you have any advice you can give for aspiring authors?

Angela Richardson: Go for it!  I never believed anyone but my friends would read Pieces of Lies, and now I have a small fan base of readers who I just adore.  If you really believe in your writing and are passionate about it, chances are someone, somewhere, will love your writing and believe in your story too.

SRNA: What would you like to say to your fans?

Angela Richardson: From the bottom of my heart - Thank you!  It’s been incredible to know that people have loved my story as much as I do and I couldn't be more appreciative or be able to show more gratitude than I already feel for every single one of my fans.  You have all helped my story get out there and have helped it continue to grow, and it’s been such a genuine, empowering and heart-warming experience for me.  Please know that I welcome your emails, feedback and comments.  I try to take everyone’s thoughts on board.  It means a lot to me.  Sincerest thanks!


Lori L. Clark

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  1. awesome. You're such an inspiring author. When reality and imagination are to be combined, it always yield a lovely result or outcome. You'll just have to be creative juxtaposing moments of your life and moments you wish to experience.