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It's my pleasure to welcome Regina Wamba of Mae I Design to She Reads New Adult! I'm sure many of you recognize the beautiful cover of The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorenson, one of the amazing book covers May I Design has done! Thank you again, Regina!

SRNA: How did you get started designing book covers?

MID: By my love of reading and my love of art and graphic design. I went to college for Visual Communications and Graphic Design, so putting my love for art, design, and drawing into one is awesome. :D

SRNA: Out of all of the covers that you've designed, do you have a particular favorite?

MID: It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Coincidence of Callie and Kayden will always be close to my heart because of the process I went through to get the cover completed. From idea to photoshoot to design, it was all very eye opening, and creative.. and I love it. :D

SRNA: You are also a photographer. Do you use your own models for your book covers, or do you buy images?

MID: I actually do both. For authors wanting something completely custom, I will set up a photoshoot with them, scout models, etc.. then proof those images and make the cover! :D

Then for those who would like stock, I still scout images for the best stock I can. Usually a lot of hunting is involved to make sure the stock isn't overly used.

I also work with some other photographers that allow usage of their images for covers. :D

SRNA: What graphics program do you use to design your covers?

MID: I use a mix between Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6

SRNA: In addition to book cover design, what other types of services do you offer?

MID: Photography, Author Branding, Book Trailers, Print Promotional Materials and Website/Social Media graphics. Essentially, Branding for authors to make sure they are representing themselves in a strong cohesive manner. :D

SRNA: Do you read the book before you design the cover or do how do you decide where to go with your creativity?

MID: I wish I did, but I wouldn't have time to do all the covers I currently do. I usually ask questions that provide me with visual inspiration.. such as: “Do you have a music playlist that helped move you through writing the story?” This can help me visualize what kinds of “feels” are on the interior.

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