Interview: Toski Covey Photography

SRNA: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers!

Toski- Thank you so much for asking to interview me, I feel so important:)

SRNA:  How did you get started designing book covers?

Toski- Being kind and complementing someone you have nothing to gain from can go A LONG WAY. This is the true story.

I am an avid reader- I follow Maryse Black's book blog. I had read this unknown authors book called Metamorphosis (which I bought with it having NO ratings- simply because I LOVED the cover) and after I finished this amazing book, I posted it on Maryse's Facebook page. All the followers do this- like "Check out the amazing 5 star read I just finished It's called Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle and here is the link to it." Well, someone on there tagged Erin's name which in turn lead to me getting a personal friend request from Erin herself. I was on my personal Facebook page not my photography one so I of course never even thought of shooting a book cover- I do mainly newborn/ family photography in my studio. Well, Erin had said on her Facebook she was writing a second book- which made me so excited as a reader.. 

Flash forward 2 months to March- Erin personal messages me asking me to call her and I honestly have no idea why but am secretly hoping I get to Beta read for her and that's what she is asking me. Well, it was not that. BUT she asked me to shoot her next book Ambrosia. And it just exploded from there.

After Ambrosia revealed I got approached by Nicole Reed (OMG- REAL LIFE) and several other amazing authors.. I have over 27 covers that are in process just from March and only 5 have actually revealed. Then I became friends with this amazing gal name Jennifer Wolfel who betas for Erin as well (because yes, I did in fact get to beta after all) and she mentioned coming to Vegas to the HUGE book signing in August as the "official" photographer. Jenn talked to the lady in charge "Kelli" who later I talk to and it turns out is KELLI MAINE- yea, I fan girl'd a little on that one because -- this is a CRAZY journey that I never expected. I am beyond blessed that these women have all welcomed me and honestly- I have all of them and their amazing stories to be grateful for.

Lesson- ALWAYS be kind..Not because you have to - because you you can.

SRNA: You've done some gorgeous work. Do you have something that is especially near and dear to your heart?

Toski- I honestly love ALL of my covers. I am sure Ambrosia will always be my "baby." It's my first and what put me on the map. I have some gorgeous covers coming though- so keep your eyes peeled.

SRNA: Which graphic programs do you use?

Toski- I use Adobe photoshop and lightroom .. All graphics are done by different graphic artists.. I have worked with Hang Le, Sommer Stein (perfect pear creative), and am shooting a book next week that the images are headed to Sarah Hansen with OKAY Creations <-- ALL OF THESE LADIES ARE AMAZING.

SRNA: How do you design your covers so that they fit with the theme of the book? Character descriptions, read the book, or just let the author talk to you about what they're looking for?

Toski- I get a total feel of what the author is thinking.. I want this to be their "vision" coming to life. So far, they have all been perfect. I am trying to break the stock photo mold that books sometimes go to. They need to be real. Real people, real settings, Real Life.

SRNA: In addition to cover design, what other services do you offer authors?

Toski- I am only the "imagery" part of this process, but when I shoot- I always shoot extra. Then swag, promos, or any facebook/blog/website images can be created to not be exactly like the cover.

SRNA: Anything else you'd like to share?

Toski- My main advantage with taking on this crazy unreal new venture is- I am an AVID huge fangirl reader. So, I shoot what I would buy. Covers sell the book. They don't make the reader love it but the packaging sells the product.

I am also a reviewer on Wolfe's world of books for my friend Jennifer Wolfel:)

SRNA: I ask all my guests... just for fun. What's your sign?

Toski- You would think this would be like the easiest question on earth.. But I am a split scorpio/sagittarius … My Birthday is November 22 so it is always different depending on what you are reading.

I guess when my Mom named me Toski (pronounced Toss-key) which is a native american name- and I am blonde hair, blue eyed caucasian American with O negative (the rare - universal donor blood type) - I was destined to be different.. And I am all for being ME.

About Toski:

My name is Toski Covey.. I am a wife of twelve years - to an amazing man named Paul. I am a mother of 2 handsome boys and one gorgeous daughter ages 11,9,8.

I own my own Photography studio (Toski Covey Photography) in my hometown where I specialize in Newborns and children. I also do side photography for custom book cover images. My cover shots include Erin Noelle's -Ambrosia, Ilsa Madden-Mills- Very Bad Things, Emma Shade's- Finding Obscurity, Tamsyn Becker's - Beneath your Beautiful, and soon will have ---3 gorgeous covers on Nicole Reed's- Ruining series, Erika Ashby, Nacole Stanton and several more on my schedule coming up.

All of my "ME" time is spent reading. It's my passion. I have always read all of Nicolas Sparks books and of course then onto Twilight and from there I have read hundreds. Like most readers - Christian Grey has made me enjoy reading even more and opened the doors to all different kinds of genres.

When talking to me -I will probably once or twice reference Kellan Kyle and thoughtless- as all books go back to that series.. I adore my favorite authors and bloggers I have met through my crazy insane -hard-to-believe-it's real-life journey and am honored to call these amazing ladies my friends.

I'm a happy-go-lucky type person who just loves to have fun, laugh, and meet new friends. Reading has given me all of that and I am so thankful for the authors who give us that gift <3

Lori L. Clark

She Reads New Adult Admin: Lori L. Clark


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  2. I love doing interviews with people involved with all aspects of the business. :) Thank you!

  3. SO amazingly talented and a beautiful person...inside and out!!

  4. Her story is amazing, I think! Such a nice person. :)

  5. Toski Covey .... I love you with all my heart !!

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  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by. Toski is such a wonderful, genuine person!