Interview: Arianna, Editor

SRNA: Welcome Arianna! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers! Given the popularity of self-published, and indie writers, the need for affordable editing is exceeding the demand, I would imagine.

AK: Thank you so much for having me!

SRNA: Tell us how you decided to start doing editing work?

AK: I went to school for English literature and am not able to find a job as an editor so I decided to create my own business to help Indie authors. My friend is an Indie author and she was the one who encouraged me to pursue this route.

SRNA: Is there a particular genre you prefer to edit? Or any that you'd rather not edit?

AK: Honestly, I feel that I am stronger with contemporary romance/new adult/young adult. Those genres are an interest of mine and I want to give my clients what they deserve.

SRNA: Explain your typical editing process from start to finish.

AK: I read the MS from beginning to end just to get a feel for the book. I get a feel then go back and read through chapter by chapter. I have seen what my friend has gone through so I know that editing and ensuring proper grammar etc. is extremely important.

SRNA: What is the normal turnaround time for editing an average sized manuscript?

AK: Typically a week but it depends on my schedule as well.

SRNA: What types of editing do you do?

AK: Ultimately anything. Checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow and comprehension. I believe that an editor needs to be honest and constructive.

SRNA: Do you have a waiting list at this time?

AK: I have a few clients in the works but nothing too crazy.

SRNA: Who are some authors you admire?

AK: Oh goodness there’s so many! To name a few: Dawn Martens, Kendall Ryan, Sandi Lynn, AL Jackson, S.Moose, L.Chapman, Carey Heywood, Jessica Sorenson, Michelle Valentine, Kristen Ashley, Abbi Glines, Nickie Seidler, Glenna Maynard, Colleen Hoover and A.Meredith Walters.

SRNA: Is it hard for you to turn off your inner editor while reading for pleasure?

AK: Very! You can never turn off the editor in you!

SRNA: How can people get in touch with you?

AK: My email address is and here is my facebook link:

SRNA: Last but not least, and because I like to ask all my guests, what's your sign? :) 

AK: I am an Aquarius!

Lori L. Clark

She Reads New Adult Admin: Lori L. Clark

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