Interview: Stephanie Higgins Designs

Interview: Stephanie Higgins (Cover/website design)

Some of you may already know Stephanie from her book blog: Romance Addict Book Blog. Stephanie is wanting to build her design portfolio, and is offering some really amazing deals for a limited time to kick-start her business. Now is your chance to get your dream book cover or website designed for a low introductory price. It's a win-win situation!

Thank you so much Stephanie for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers!

SRNA: How did you decide to get started designing book covers?

SH: Well, after my son was born I started my book blog, Romance Addict Book Blog. After starting my blog, I noticed a lot of indie authors were doing their own covers to save money. While I’m always one to advocate saving money, they really need a cover that looks professional to draw the readers in. Editing photos is probably one of my favorite things to do in regards to multimedia. I love taking a photograph and turning it into something new.

I have a degree in Multimedia, and I just finished my second degree in Web Design so I now want to start my own side business helping authors with book covers and websites.

SRNA: In addition to book cover designs, what other services do you provide?

SH: Mainly website design. I’m always open to being asked to do graphic work on other things as well though.

SRNA: Tell our readers a little bit about how you work when doing book covers. Do you read the book? Do you base the cover on the information the author provides you alone?

SH: I am open to reading any book I do the cover for! However, because I review for my book blog, I have a HUGE TBR list. It’s kind of scary and a bit overwhelming to look at actually.

As far as designing the book covers, the author pretty much tells me what they want and I work from there. The easiest thing is for the author to find a stock image they want to use for their cover, send me the image and then I’ll edit the image and design the typography. I’m open to them describing what they want and searching myself for a stock image, but a lot of authors like to have that control.

SRNA: What about web design? Do you have a favored platform to work with? Like Word Press or Blogger?

SH: Well, when I started my blog, for some strange reason I decided to use blogger. Why? I can’t tell you because I wish I hadn't  My blog will be switching over soon because WordPress offers a lot more functionality and is compatible with a lot of the editing software programs out there.

SRNA: Do you use any special software programs in your designing work?

SH: Mostly all the Adobe programs. My classes were pretty much centered around Adobe. There are a few other photo editing software programs out there that are pretty good, but I think my heart will always belong to Adobe.

SRNA: Where can people see some of your designs?

SH: At the moment – nowhere. :( I just graduated and ever since my children were born I've kind of been out of the working field. I've done a few graphics for blog tours and such, but not enough to put a portfolio together yet.

I'm actually offering authors a bit of a deal, since I need help building my portfolio. For a limited time I'm going to offer to do book covers starting out at $45, and web site designs starting out at $100. There will also be no deposit required since I do not have any work to show at the moment, so if you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it. Just email me at with the subject “Portfolio help”!

SRNA: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

SH: Well, as I already mentioned I have a degree in Multimedia as well as Web Design. I have two children, my daughter is turning 4 and my son is turning 2. Before my children were born I worked for a television station as a production assistant. I did everything from helping maintain the website, running camera for our lives shows, editing video of for other shows and even helped with dvd duplication. Before I got married I worked for a poster company that sold the labor law posters every business in America has to have posted somewhere where their employees can see them. I helped run their website and helped with the design for some of the posters. After my daughter was born I decided to stay home and be a mommy, but now I need to have a creative outlet. I think helping authors and having my own side business while my kids are still young really feels right. I love running my book blog and promoting the authors, but I really feel like offering my services to do book covers and web design for them as well would be an amazing experience.

SRNA: Last, but not least, and because I like asking everyone… What's your sign? :)

SH: My zodiac sign? I’m a Sagittarius. :)

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