Spotlight Saturday: Matthew Turner

Here are 10 random facts about Matthew Turner:

1. I am a father to a wonderful little lad.

2. I've worked at a summer camp in Cincinnati for 8 summers (this is where Beyond Parallel was inspired).

3. My alter ego is 'Turndog' (the name of my company is Turndog Millionaire).

4. I am a born and bred Yorkshireman (from a small town called Halifax).

5. I'm currently writing my second novel, Tick to the Tock.

6. My favourite colour is purple, which I tend to wear every day (bow ties, pocket squares, pens, chinos).

7. I have jumped out of a plane in New Zealand.

8. I've spent 4 months travelling the East Coast of Australia.

9. I consider myself a Nomadic Storyteller - stories have no home and can take on many forms.

10. I'm currently writing a non-fiction book called The Successful Mistake (where I interview 250 entrepreneurs and amazing minds).

And 10 facts about Beyond Parallel:

1. The premise is built around 'What If' and those small decisions we make each day.

2. It's set in the same mould as the movie Sliding Doors: two simultaneous timelines where Bella and Clark are a couple in one, but never meet in the other.

3. The story starts in Thailand but features visits to New York, Dayton, Sydney, Hawaii, and more…

4. The book took 6 years to write (I revisited rather a few times).

5. There's a Free Prequel that's set the night before (Tales From A Tiny Thai Table) which introduces the characters and overall setting.

6. It's a romantic novel, but not in the steamy sense - rather the real world, gritty type that most people can relate to.

7. The entire premise hinges on a single (very small) act that occurs in Tales From A Tiny Thai Table. From there the story splits in to two and offers an insight into how different life can be.

8. One line I love is: "Each person could live a billion lives, but is only given one. Is this fair? Is life merely a game of chance, or are some things a little more certain?"

9. The constant in the entire story is Sam, a fun loving and free spirit.

10. This book was inspired by a rough break up and become a form of therapy for me. It's so great to see the book out in the world. What a journey it has been.

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