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Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover: #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover held readers spellbound with her novel Hopeless, the story of what happened when a troubled girl named Sky encountered a long-lost childhood friend, Dean Holder. With Holder’s help, Sky uncovered shocking family secrets and came to terms with memories and emotions that had left deep scars.

Hopeless was Sky’s story. Now, in Losing Hope, we finally learn the truth about Dean Holder.

Haunted by the little girl he couldn't save from imminent danger, Holder’s life has been overshadowed by feelings of guilt and remorse. He has never stopped searching for her, believing that finding her would bring him the peace he needs to move on. However, Holder could not have anticipated that he would be faced with even greater pain the moment they reconnect.

In Losing Hope, Holder reveals the way in which the events of Sky’s youth affected him and his family, leading him to seek his own redemption in the act of saving her. But it is only in loving Sky that he can finally begin to heal himself.

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My thoughts: Also known as...

*5 Incredible, I-Live-You, Hearts*

Losing Hope is Hopeless from Dean Holder's point of view and that made me very very nervous.


I should have known to trust Colleen Hoover because she did not dissappoint! This felt like an entirely new story with references to Hopeless rather than a re-hash of a story. I absolutely LIVE this book!

I'm going to, where possible, keep this review about Losing Hope and limit my references to Hopeless but this may be impossible!

Dean Holder blames himself for his Sister Lesslie's suicide. He also hates her for putting him through the aftermath of suicide, none of which we really find out about in Hopeless.

Dean Holder blames himself for Hope being taken from under his nose when she was a young girl. He watched her cry on the pavement, he watched her hurt and he watched her get into a car with a stranger, never to be seen again.

Dean Holder blames himself for not protecting Lesslie and Hope, for allowing them to hurt and doing nothing to take it away.

Dean Holder thinks he is completely Hopeless.

“But I've learned over the past year what it really means to be able to miss someone. In order to miss someone, that means you were privileged enough to have them in your life to begin with.”

I don't know if I felt more emotionally involved in this story as I always find it difficult to listen to/watch a man hurt emotionally or if it really was just more emotional. Whatever it was - I hurt, I ached, I cried and I broke my heart over and over again.

This is the first book in a long time that has touched me so much that I've been reduced to tears. I'm talking BIG, FAT, UGLY tears and body wracking sobs. I'm sure my mum thinks there is something mentally wrong with me after witnessing me reading the last 10% of this book.


There are several hilarious moments in this novel - laugh out loud funnies:

“I call her Val because it's short for Valium and I always tell her she needs to take that shit by the bucketful. I wasn't lying when I said she was fucking crazy"

There is no question about recommending this - it is a MUST READ. Prepare to be emotionally spent - Over and Over.

You will never be the same again but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it!

Lori L. Clark

She Reads New Adult Admin: Lori L. Clark

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