Book Review: Out From Under You

“Love is an earthquake. It comes when you least expect it. It rips the ground clear away. Right out from under you.” The day Lia Smart met Grayson Walker, eight years ago, was the day she fell helplessly in love with him. Coincidentally, it was the same day Grayson fell in love with someone else: Lia’s smarter, sexier, superior-in-every-way older sister, Alex. Now, nearly a decade later, Alex and Grayson are long over and twenty-two-year-old Lia has finally managed to forget all those lonely nights she spent pining after her sister’s boyfriend. But when Grayson unexpectedly arrives back in town with Alex for Labor Day weekend and the two announce that they’re not only back together but engaged, all the feelings that Lia buried suddenly come bubbling back to the surface. But Lia is no longer the awkward, gangly tomboy she was at fourteen. Far from it. And Grayson is conflicted by the lustful thoughts he’s now having for her. He knows he could never act on those thoughts, however. Grayson has always prided himself on being one of the “good guys.” But as the weekend wears on, he’s finding this new grown-up version of Lia more and more impossible to resist... Heartbreaking and sexy with a dash of humor, Sophie Swift crafts a passionate, unforgettable tale about desire, growing up, and the kind of love that shakes us to the core. *Contains adult situations and explicit content. Recommended for ages 17+

Kath's thoughts: I love it. Well okay... To be honest I had a "love-hate relationship" with this book. Love because of the way how Sophie Swift wrote it. It's written in dual point of views. One for Grayson Walker and the other is for Lia Smart. I love how Sophie connected those two minds but also you can see the difference of the thoughts of the two characters. I also loved the flow of the story, there's some unexpected twist and turns just when I thought it'll be a happy ending. 

To the hate part, ok... I think I've never ever read a book with characters like this whose been so so so stubborn! I mean come on Grayson! Get it on already! Be a man and have the balls to choose which Smart girl are you choosing. It's like he's stuck in a Robert Frost poem that he cannot choose which road to travel by! And trust me I really hated that for playing with Lia's feeling (My feelings too!) and then there's Lia. Lia Lia Lia. I don't know... I understand her. That some admiration isn't just a simple crush like for others but some times an admiration can turn into a one sided love. (Oh trust me Lia I know the feeling) so I really couldn't imagine how she handle hiding it all those years that her long time crush, an on and off boyfriend of her sister Alex and a surprise news "we're engaged". 

Then there's Alex Smart. I mean these two siblings really? All those years you've been having a silent sibling rivalry and no one ever said "hey let's talk what is wrong with you?!" see what I mean? Anyways my point is while reading this it's a roller coaster ride of feelings for me. That is why I loved this book. Most especially I loved Sophie! Her words are amazing and i mean uh-may-zeeng! Like this quote for example "Love is an earthquake. It comes when you least expect it. It shakes your foundation to the core. It rips the ground clear away. Right out from under you." Sophie can deliver a great humor too especially Blake's line or Lia's "Lois Lame", have loads of drama, has steaming scenes (oh you'll get why it's steaming alright) :) so for people who's been irritated or hated the story well... Like I said it's a love/hate with this story but in the end I've gotta say it's love. I love it the most. And as Lia's mom said "The choices that lead us to happiness are never the easiest ones or the least painful." So give this a chance and try to understand this amazing characters that Sophie created.



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