Spotlight Saturday: AE Woodward

10 Fun Facts about AE Woodward

1. I like to pretend I'm British and frequently speak with a fake-and not good-accent.
2. I played college softball.
3. I had shoulder surgery, yep because of softball.
4. My preferred dance move is the 'Elaine'.
5. I hate vegetables so much that they are the only thing I will eat. Kill all the veggies!
6. If I had to live 365 days without beer, or taking a bath, I would forgo the bath.
7. I enjoy fighting with my friends over fictional characters. And I'm not afraid to pull out their hair to win said fights.
8. I swear more than I should.
9. I like to clean in my underwear, it creates less laundry that way.
10. I hate laundry.

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10 Fun Facts about Imperfectly Perfect

1. I wrote Imperfectly Perfect, on and off over the course of four years. It sat completed on my computer for a year before Stacy Borel gave me the writing bug again.
2. Imperfectly Perfect was originally intended to be a standalone, but then Tyler and Rob wouldn't shut the fuck up. So I wrote their stories in exchange for nighttime cuddling.
3. Emma was originally a whore, but this changed when. . .oh wait. . .no, she's still a whore. Moving on.
3. It's true. I hate Emma. I loathe my own character.
4. I got the idea for Imperfectly Perfect from an Abercrombie and Fitch Ad.
5. I was upset when the show New Girl came out because I felt everyone would compare my book to the show. Boo. Hiss.
6. The last name Strout, is a tribute to my best friend.
7. The sleazy bar, "The Pig Pen' is an actual place (the name has been changed to protect the establishment) that I like to frequent. So sue me.
8. Every time the roommates drank a beer, or a shot, so did I.
9. I tried writing steamy sex scenes, but I got too worked up and my husband was enjoying it too much. So I stopped.
10. The girl on the cover of Imperfectly Perfect is the illegitimate love child of my editor, Ryn Hughes and Charlie Hunnam.

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