Spotlight Saturday: AL Parks

Here are 10 random facts about AL Parks:

1. A.L. Parks is a pen name for my contemporary romance novels.
2. I have lived in nine states.
3. I live outside Washington D.C.
4. I am a HUGE Detroit Red Wings fan. GO WINGS!
5. For a Virgo, I am unusually disorganized – and my house is a mess.
6. Daniel Craig is on my list…and my husband is well aware.
7. This is my second career. My first was in law.
8. I am the only girl among my siblings. Huge Daddy’s girl.
9. I want to be successful just so I can own a garage full of fast cars.
10. I am addicted to coffee.

And 10 random facts about Strangers:

1. It is releasing on my 45th birthday.
2. It is my debut novel.
3. It takes place in NYC, but I have never been there.
4. It originated from a prompt challenge, turned into a short story, and now a full length novel.
5. I have added a third of the book in the last week.
6. One of the pieces of art discussed in the book was created by my super-talented daughter.
7. One of the characters is named after another daughter.
8. There is a part that I was encouraged to take out because it was “too creepy” but I am keeping it in. Cause I’m a rebel like that…HA!
9. I went through several variations of the cover before I finally turned it over to a professional…and boy was it worth it!! It is GORGEOUS!
10. My next book, The Return, is set to release on November 1st. It is set in Colorado, and takes place over Christmas and new year’s.

Lori L. Clark

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