Spotlight Saturday: Bayli Lane

Here are 10 random facts about Bayli Lane:

1. I can pretty much quote the entire movie, Bridesmaids.
2. I pronounce "Supposedly" like this- "Supposively."
3. I hated English in High School. Creative Writing is still one of my favorite classes I ever took in College.
4. My favorite color is green but I wear a lot of black. A lot.
5. I laugh a lot. And it's a very VERY loud laugh.
6. I once had a cat named "Cat."
7. I did karate for 13 years and was a national champion.
8. I don't have a smart phone.
9. I make noises all the time. Whether I'm clicking my tongue, cracking my fingers, bouncing my feet, or giving inanimate objects their own voices.
10.I married my high school sweetheart and he's the best ;)

And 10 random facts about Becoming More:

1. It's a stand alone!
2. New Adult Romance
3. In the middle of my book I considered writing in both POV's. So I did write a couple chapters in Colton's POV but then I deleted them.
4. It's all in Lilly's POV
5. I wouldn't mind writing books for a couple of other characters in the book. hmmm... Maybe Oliver... Maybe Lauren... Maybe Clarissa. Yup, those could be fun.
6. A few things that happen in the book are based off of real life experiences. For example... The Steak N' Shake scene- That's me and my husband back in high school. Well kind of. It's a bit different.
7. Lilly's character drives me absolutely crazy but I think it's necessary for her to be as difficult as she is. How else would we see her grow as a person?
8. My College experience was nothing like Lilly's haha!
9. Just when I thought my book was finished, I added 3 more major scenes.
10. The Epilogue makes me cry... Every. Single. Time.

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