Spotlight Saturday: Selena Laurence

Here are 10 random facts about Selena Laurence:

1. I grew up in New Mexico (which is an actual state), and I speak fluent Spanglish.
2. I once had a drunk Cowboy stuff a $100 bill down my shirt at a convention I was working at. My boss said I could keep it since I had to put up with the humiliation.
3. I worked in the United States Senate and I met Teddy Kennedy (he was quite cranky).
4. I own around 800 romance novels (ebooks). I've read them all.
5. When I was 12 I saved a girl's life at summer camp.
6. I hate onions. Like absolutely hate them.
7. I might possibly leave Mr.L if Colin Ferrell asked me to.
8. I was in a Mastercard commercial when I was three years old. It was directed by Toby Hooper who also directed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies.
9. I've been a soccer mom for 17 yrs. I'm even cited as a reference in a book for soccer moms.
10. I adore sushi.

And 10 random facts about Hidden (A Hiding From Love Novel):

1. It takes place in Hawaii, but I've never been there :(
2. The original idea for the story came to me in a dream.
3. It was originally called "She Ran."
4. It was my third novel, and it took me 4 months to write.
5. Lyndsey (heroine) tells people she's from Albuquerque, which is where I actually am from.
6. Lyndsey's dog is modeled on my Goldendoodle, Chester, and is named after one of my sons.
7. Mr. L has never read Hidden (or any of my books). But, he helped pick the cover design.
8. Hidden has over 25 really great reviews on Amazon.
9. Hidden is the first book in the Hiding From Love series. The others will be Camouflaged, Concealed, and Buried.
10. The next book in the series is Camouflaged and it will be released in early October.

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