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Here are 10 random facts about Alison G. Bailey:

1.      I started a pet therapy group 9 years ago called Paws Together. The group is made up of wonderful volunteers and their dogs, who visit assisted living and rehab facilities once a week to visit with the elderly patients.
2.      My husband, Jef and I, owned a custom cake design business that specialized in sculpture cakes.
3.      I've written and directed several one act plays, one of which toured my home state of South Carolina.
4.      I always drink chocolate milk out of the same glass. It’s a Michigan J. Frog glass. Yes, that’s right, from the Looney Tunes cartoons.
5.      I’m addicted to anything sweet and Diet Pepsi. My theory is they offset the harmful effects of each other. It’s all about balance in life, folks.
6.      I like to make up songs and sing them to my 2 dogs, Buster and Jack. Don’t judge me. They enjoy them.
7.      I've seen Sting and/or The Police in concert 10 times.
8.      I just became an avid reader a year and a half ago.
9.      My favorite movies are: The Jerk, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Forrest Gump, and anything with George Clooney.
10.  After reading back over this list, it occurred to me that at least half of the things listed are more sad than interesting, really.

And 10 random facts About Present Perfect:

1.      When I first started writing the book, I had no intention to publish it. I had written a lot when I was in college, but put it to one side as life took over.  I was talking with an author friend of mine and she suggested I start writing again to see if I still enjoyed it. Once I realized that writing wasn't a phase I was going through I started thinking seriously about self- publishing.
2.      Present Perfect was written almost completely out of order.
3.      My dad was in the hospital several months before he passed away. My sister and I bought him a netbook to give him something to occupy his time and mind. The entire book was written on his netbook. My dad was a funny guy. He had a very dry sense of humor. A lot of Tweet’s humor is reminiscent of my dad’s. I like to think he was with me especially during the funny parts.
4.      Present Perfect wasn't the original title.
5.      My main female character, Tweet, came to me before anything else, the story or any other characters. There’s a specific trait she has that I wanted to write about. One that I haven’t seen in other NA books. No, I can’t say what it is.
6.      I used my birth date, March 23, as Tweet’s and Noah’s birthday. I used the year 1990 because my nephew was born then and it was easy for me to keep track of their ages during the timeline.
7.      Tweet uses the term “fo shizzle” one time in the book. I spent 20 minutes one night looking up the definition and proper usage of that term.
8.      All the places mentioned in the book are actual places.
9.      Somehow the color yellow became Tweet’s favorite color and a running theme in the book. I like yellow, but my favorite color is green.
10.  The reader gets to watch Tweet and Noah grow up, from 6 years old to 27 years old. I don’t use flashbacks. I give the reader snapshots of pivotal moments and events in the character’s lives during that timeframe.

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