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MAN ON by Liz Crowe: Bad boy of European football, Nicolas Garza is about to hit American shores with a vengeance. Signed by the Detroit Black Jack Gentlemen as lynch pin for their expansion club, Nicco only half believes he’s making the right move. But with a past full of ghosts and rotten behavior chasing him from his homeland, he has no real choice.

Parker Rollings is a college soccer superstar, but his parents’ plans for their only son do not include professional athletics. When the Black Jacks approach him to finalize their roster, Parker leaps at the chance to keep playing, leaving behind medical school, stability and his first and only college sweetheart.

Nicco and Parker face off as bitter rivals for a coveted starting spot at midfield and are forced to channel their negative energy into something positive for the sake of the group—and themselves.

All eyes are on the fledgling team in its debut season. It’s crucial that the Black Jacks prove all the doubters wrong. They must make a good showing in the league and with new fans. But player drama, club dynamics, and misplaced priorities may tear it apart before it even begins.

AL's thoughts: The first installment of the new Black Jack Gentlemen series by Liz Crowe. And what a way to start. Never one to shy away from controversial issues, Man On delves into the burgeoning love affair of two world-class professional soccer players. In a world where homosexuality occurs but is never acknowledged, Nicco and Parker find themselves trying to discover each other, while keeping their relationship under wraps. Throw in an older man with a severe sex addiction, and a younger man still not fully ready to admit he is gay, and this is page after page of turmoil. But there is also a journey of deep love, that is constantly challenged by both inside and outside forces.

Proof that love is blind to sexual orientation, this is another soon-to-be-classic Crowe story that leaves you breathless and begging for more. My only criticism…it was too short. I want more Nicco and Parker!!

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  1. thanks for reading and reviewing my book. (p.s. there is more nicco and parker in the other 2 books and potentially an expansion of their story next year!)
    happy reading