Spotlight Saturday: Evan Reeves

Here are 10 random facts about Evan Reeves:

1. Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually a lady.
2. I stand at roughly 4'10”. In fact, I have a younger sister who is taller than me...she's 9.
3. Speaking of siblings, I'm the oldest of ten kids. I'm also the favorite, and the coolest. Success.
4. I studied Secondary Education (English) at a staunch, Pentecostal university. I should add that I'm not all that religious. As I'm sure you can imagine, those were a very special four years of my life.
5. My mom used to make me attend every horrific sport-oriented summer camp you could think of, because she didn't like us sitting around and watching television during summer vacations. As an uncoordinated introvert, this was a nightmare. I'm still not over it.
6. My two favorite things in this world: Coffee (aka. Nectar of the Gods), and Claudio Sanchez's hair. Seriously, though. I drink coffee like it's water.
7. One time, in High School, I was sent to the front office for throwing a banana at an ex-math teacher's classroom door. Because life just isn't fair sometimes.
8. True Story: I was once grounded for yelling, verbatim: “That's bogus.” Although, I never actually sustained a grounding. Favorite Perks.
9. One of my favorite pastimes, when I'm not watching a favorite show (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or film (V for Vendetta) is going on Goodreads and laughing at the reviews for 50 Shades of Grey/Darker/Freed. I also thoroughly enjoy anything involving my pretend-husband, Keanu Reeves.
10. If I like you, and you bug me enough, I'll find a way to wedge you into one of my stories. If I don't like you, and you bug me enough, I'll likely find a way as well. But you probably won't like your character.

And 10 random facts about If I Stay

1. I take bits and pieces of true-to-life characteristics from friends/acquaintance and stick them in the characters.
2. I enjoy incorporating aspects of contemporary culture/Pop Culture into my work. Music and film, for example.
3. The leading lady, Gemma, was originally inspired by an early Isla Fisher.
4. The leading lad, Ben, was inspired by a superhotohmygod real-life English professor that I was lucky to learn from. He was a lot smarter than I will ever be. And a lot hotter than I could ever possibly portray.
5. Really, though. This guy was so ridiculously good-looking that the girls would line up outside of his classroom just to wait and watch him walk down the hallway. It was awesome. I may or may not have been one of those girls.
6. No, we never had an sort of inappropriate relationship (insert sigh). Strictly student/teacher.
7. I went ahead and created a soundtrack for the novel. Yep, I went there. I'm one of those guys.
8. Brandon, Gemma's best friend, is based off of a good friend of mine. I promised that I'd include him in my next work (years before If I Stay was ever even thought of). I don't break my promises.
9. The book is meant to exist as a stand-alone. I would only consider writing companion novels if enough people asked me to do so. Note to readers: if you want something, ask me. I listen.
10. If I Stay isn't meant to necessarily be a light, silly, romantic read. Yes, there's light moments. Yes, it's quite romantic. And yes, I like to think that I succeeded in being comical. However, I purposed to write something with a good smear of depth to it. All in all? I just hope you enjoy it.

Lori L. Clark

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