Spotlight Saturday: Julie Johnson

10 random facts about Julie Johnson:

1. I grew up in the smallest town in Massachusetts.

2. Most people call me Jules, not Julie.

3. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling’ 22…. For ten more months, at least.

4. I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust.

5. I’m a senior in college. (Go Blue Hens!)

6. I drive a Jeep Cherokee named Lola. She’s a showgirl.

7. I’m obsessed with Clean Cotton scented Yankee Candles.

8. Veronica Mars is (still) my favorite show, and I’ve seen every episode approximately a bajillion times.

9. I drink at least two cups of coffee every day – sometimes more.

10. I was once stung by a scorpion… and lived to tell the tale.

10 random facts about Like Gravity:

1. It is my first novel, and I didn’t tell anyone I was writing it for the first six months.

2. I wrote most of it during sleepless nights, when I should’ve been studying for midterms or analyzing psychological research reports.

3. Like Gravity is standalone, and I’d never considered writing a sequel until fans began asking for one. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll revisit Brooklyn and Finn.

4. My computer crashed while I was writing it, and for a few horrible hours I thought I’d lost 90,000 words. (Thank goodness for Apple Geniuses and their magical hard drive recovery skills.)

5. The main theme in Like Gravity is about overcoming our demons – those on both the inside and the outside.

6. Brooklyn, “Bee,” came to me before any other parts of the story. More than anything, I wanted to write about a fiercely vulnerable, damaged-yet-resilient character – a girl I’d respect, but still want to do tequila shots with on a Saturday night.

7. In the book, Finn’s band is called Apiphobic Treason. Apiphobia is the fear of bees.

8. There is no love triangle in Like Gravity – partly because I hate them, and mostly because Finn would never look at anyone but Brooklyn.

9. Dr. Angelini’s character is a direct result of my inner psychology nerd. The emotional journey that Brooklyn undergoes from prologue to epilogue is profound, and I felt I needed to incorporate a stable, therapeutic influence in her life.

10. The title was inspired by the song Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

Lori L. Clark

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