Spotlight Saturday: Shari J. Ryan

10 Fun Facts About Shari J. Ryan:

1. I have two little boys, Bryce and Brayden.

2. I promised myself at age seven that I would someday write a book.

3. I have four journals that I wrote in almost everyday from ages 6-18. The journals make up most of my childhood memories.

4. I like to create characters from people who pass me by.

5. I have passion for art.

6. I love to cook and bake.

7. Daydreaming inspires my stories.

8. My family dinner conversations normally revolve around my characters lives.

9. I don't like the cold or snow, and I live in New England.

10. I have an amazing and supportive husband, Josh, who is also the talented designer of the book cover and websites, as well as the creator of Schasm's book trailer.

10 Fun Facts About Schasm:

1. Schasm was inspired from a brief thought of living within a daydream.

2. I listened to different types of classical music to inspire different sections of the book.

3. I drove up and down a street in Southborough, MA looking for Chloe's house before I described it in the book.

4. I wrote certain chapters depending on the mood I happened to be in. If was I was having a bad day, those were the times I wrote the darker chapters.

5. The two alternate locations in the book are both favorites of mine and a lot of inspiration came from past visits.

6. During the time I was writing about the dark places that Chloe found herself in, I began having nightmares about those places. Those nightmares helped develop my story more.

7. If I could create my own genre for this book, it would be - Psychological Romance

8. I'm hoping the book sends the message - When life has you at your lowest, you always have the escape of your dreams to fall back on.

9. I have pictured Kevin Durand (Martin Keamy from 'Lost') playing the part of the villain.

10. There is a lot more in store for these characters. :)

Book Title: Schasm

Author: Shari J. Ryan

Published Date: August 22, 2013

Book Website:

Author Website:


Book Trailer:

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