Book Review: All To Myself

ALL TO MYSELF by Annemarie Hartnett: “Why would I make you nervous?”

“Because I like you. Fully clothed or naked, I like you -- though I prefer naked.”


Working two jobs this last summer at home, Rory is almost entirely focused on the road that will take her out of her rural community and toward a future that doesn’t involve waiting tables or tending bar at the local resort hotel. For her, life begins when she leaves.

Everything changes when she’s knocked off her bike by Noah Hyland’s fancy car. Her boss’s son has a reputation for being an arrogant womanizer, but in Noah, Rory starts to see someone trying to find his way in the world … someone like her.

It wasn’t supposed to be a complicated summer. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Author provided a copy in exchange for an honest review**

All To Myself is a sweet and spicy novella that tells the story of Rory and Noah. This was a quick read for me and I liked it. It's an easy read about two people and the summer they fell in love. They're both fiesty and go after what they want, quickly learning what they want is each other. I enjoyed reading about their exploits. The writing flowed seamlessly and was easy to read. I wish their story was longer than a novella, I would have liked to known more about their pasts and what drives them but overall it's a good summertime romance!

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