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DARK WINGS (The Never Dark, #1) by Skyla Madi: Violet Ashton is an exemplary angel with ninety-nine kills under her belt.

Nothing could make her underestimate herself until she's sent to hunt down Death, one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Or as Violet knows him--Lucas Cross, her ex-mentor and ex-lover. Defining the line between what her job requires and what her heart wants is the hardest decision she's ever had to make.

Lucas Cross is an angel turned demon.

The only thing he had to worry about was helping his brothers end the world, that was until Violet blew into town. From the moment he saw her again his normal self has fought hard to keep down the demon that desperately wants to kill her. Torn between love and hate, Lucas is determined to push all of Violet's limits.

The feud between the Never Dark realm and The Underworld is at boiling point and if Violet can't complete her mission Earth will pay the ultimate price.

AL's thoughts: Angels that live among us, and fight the demons we are unaware threaten our existence on a daily basis. Violet is one of these angels, sent to Earth to kill one of the Four Horsemen that seek to destroy Earth. Death, as he is now called, was once Violet’s mentor and lover, Lucas. Talk about drawing the short straw on assignments!

So, this was an interesting story. It was sometimes difficult to remember that Violet was an angel, since so much of her life, on Earth and in the Never Dark, where so, well, human. It was explained that she died, but she still ate food, breathed the air, could be killed with a knife… but she did have some kick-ass super human strength.

I really wanted her to be a little more conflicted, and dwell in the grey area of her relationship with Lucas/Death. It was either all on, or frigidly cold…there was no in between. Lucas – I loved! Which, without spoiling it, made the ending a total bummer…

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