Book Review: Seductive Secrecy

SEDUCTIVE SECRECY (Shadows, #2) by Marni Mann: “We were two broken souls who had found each other in a world of shadows. We were held together by a connection of secrets, dark and fearful and reluctant to leave. Their depth was seductive and overwhelming, an endless ocean of black that threatened to cover the brilliance we kept reaching for with each other.”

With her art career flourishing and the mansion predators no longer a threat, Charlie is creating a new life. Her desires have changed, and she has a chance at a healthy, loving relationship with Cameron—if they can bury the memories and doubts that plague them.

Can they overcome the destruction of their clouded pasts, or will the revelation of more painful, shocking secrets pull them back into the shadows?

TeriLyn's thoughts: **I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Seductive Secrecy is so good; you have to read this book. It's better than good, it's truly perfect. I had no idea what to expect plot-wise after the first book (Seductive Shadows) but I absolutely loved the journey the author took us on. Ms. Mann’s contrasts between light and dark, letting go and holding on are so interesting. Her writing is hauntingly dark yet brilliantly bright at the same time; it’s captivating.

Charlie and Cameron's growth from the ending of book one until now is exponential; Charlie especially. Her strength and fortitude is inspiring. The way she handles certain shocking twists in the plot is so real and honest. Charlie's honesty is what I admire most about her. Demons are still alive in Charlie no matter how much she tries to bury them. Her feelings about those demons and the darkness that will always be a part of her is so raw and revealing the truth about that darkness to Cameron, so real. Charlie has many beautiful moments of realization throughout this story. The introduction of a certain character in the story and the development of their short relationship is one of those beautiful moments. Through this self-discovery she begins to embrace the darkness that lies within her and finds ways to use it that suit her life with Cameron. Charlie’s self-discovery is continual throughout the story and her resolve is perpetually strengthening. Charlie is a great heroine; layered and complex. Her beauty, having been tainted by ugly for far too long, is memorizing and begging to shine.

Cameron Hardy, talk about layered and complex. He is so nuanced; specifically designed to expose Charlie’s beauty. Cameron's mysterious romance is my favorite part about him. His darkly romantic gestures are intriguing. The depth of his emotion and passion is limitless. Cameron innately recognizes how to help her evolve subsequently causing evolution within him. His vulnerability and brokenness is a huge part of his allure. His honesty, too, just gets to me. The ebb and flow of their relationship, the push and pull, are what makes them who they are together. They strengthen each other in very different ways; they make each other whole. Figuring all the other outside influences out is where their struggle happens because their connection is uncanny. As crazy and messed up as these two could actually be beyond what they are; they're crazy about each other and the honest, real feelings between them is the brightness in the their story. Cameron is a true hero to me. He’s beautifully broken and exquisitely passionate. He accepts Charlie exactly as she is and accepts that she helps him breathe.

The secondary characters, whether foe or friend, are important as well each weaved expertly throughout to further thicken the plot. The story is structured in such a way that each introduction of an outside character is vital, providing added layers of growth to both the hero and heroine.

I'm in awe of Ms. Mann’s brilliant writing. I feel privileged having had the opportunity to read an ARC of Seductive Secrecy. I commend her on creating this hauntingly beautiful, unforgettable story about love in light and in darkness. Through her words I became a part of Charlie’s dark world and was introduced to two phenomenal characters and had the honor to read their epic love story unfold both beautifully and painfully. Seductive Secrecy is so brilliantly written it will absorb you into their world and make it hard to believe you’re not actually living in it. Everyone who likes dark contemporary romance should read this series, you won’t regret it, Marni Mann makes sure of that.

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