Spotlight Saturday: Antoinette Candela

Spotlight Saturday: Antoinette Candela, author of Breaking Elle

Ten fun facts about Antoinette:

1. I hated English in High School
2. I'm allergic to cats
3. I'm ticklish..everywhere and I hate it.
4. I love to watch scary movies but i cover my eyes when there's a scary scene. Don't ask.
5. I can't drink wine. It makes me sick. So i drink cosmos and martinis and do shots of patron instead.
6. Nickname is Nena
7. I played the clarinet for 10 years. I was a bit of a nerd in middle school.
8. I can't leave the house without fixing my bed.
9. I have a major shoe and purse fetish. (Don't we all)
10. I am scared of heights

Ten fun facts about Breaking Elle:

1. Based in Boston (Where I live)
2. Elle is the last 4 letters of my daughter name.
3. Elle is a runner like me
4. Elle is a NY Yankee fan and Dallas Cowboys fan (like me)
5. I used my favorite Boston locations, Newbury Street, Gypsy Bar.
6 Elle hates the Red Sox like me.
7 The Pierce Center is a teen center located down the street from my house
8. The track that Elle runs on is the same one that I run on.
9. Cane is the name of one of my favorite soap opera characters. Only natural to use the name in my book.
10. Elle loves the ocean.... LIKE ME.

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