Book Review: Beautiful Beginning

Beautiful Beginning (Beautiful Bastard #3.5) by Christina Lauren: Back when not being able to stand each other also meant not being able to keep their hands off each other in Beautiful Bastard, neither Bennett nor Chloe could have seen this day coming.

An exasperated bride who just wants to elope. A determined groom whose only focus is getting to the wedding night. And—of course—a whole lot of name calling.

TeriLyn's thoughts: So it's been a while since I've read Beautiful Bastard, I forgot how much I adore Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills. Beautiful Beginning reminded me and made me want to go back to the beginning and read the series over again. Beautiful Beginning finds Bennett and Chloe during their wedding week. They're stressed about the trip to San Diego and their families converging. They're Bastard and Bitch at their finest: passionate, emotional, fiesty, stubborn and hilarious. These two have come so far through the course of this series and to read their relationship come full circle is so satisfying. They don't lose, for one minute, what they're relationship is based on: equal fighting and mutual admiration. Mr. Mills and Mrs. Ryan are great characters with a powerful love story. The scene at the wedding rehearsal is so steamy when they start their nonsense with each other. Christina Lauren's writing is concise and on point that there is no way you can deny these two characters are meant to be together forever. In addition, all the boys and girls of the Beautiful series have been invited to the wedding and provide great comic relief for Bennett and Chloe. I adore all these characters and this series. This book was a perfect ending for the series and definitely a "beautiufl beginning" for the Bastard and Bitch. You must read it! I'm sad to see it come to an end. I look forward to more great stories from these authors.

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