Book Review: The Edge of Always

The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never #2) by J.A. Redmerski: He was taking the long road. She was taking the road to nowhere. It just so happened that they led to the same place…

When everything falls apart, love remains . . .

Camryn Bennett has never been happier. Five months after meeting on a Greyhound bus, she and her soul mate Andrew Parrish are engaged—and a wedding isn’t the only special event in their future. Nervous but excited, Camryn can’t wait to begin the rest of her life with Andrew – a man she knows in her heart will love her always. They have so much to look forward to—until tragedy blindsides them.

Andrew doesn’t understand how this could happen to them. He’s trying to move on, and thought Camryn was doing the same. But when Andrew discovers Camryn is secretly harboring a mountain of pain and attempting to numb it in damaging ways, there is nothing he won’t do to bring her back to life. Determined to prove that their love can survive anything, Andrew decides to take Camryn on a new journey filled with hope and passion. If only he can convince her to come along for the ride…

TeriLyn's thoughts: I would rate this book ten stars if I could. I fell in love with Andrew and Camryn in The Edge of Never. It's one of my most favorite love stories. I fell even more in love with them in The Edge of Always because it was just as perfect. Andrew and Camryn are quintessential main characters. Their love is limitless, never ending, and undeniably strong. They need each other but don't feel the need to express it with every chapter. The author has a wonderfully unique way of making us feel the depth of their relationship and love without constantly throwing it in our faces. It's just always there. Their relationship is never tarnished by outside influences. Their biggest threat is themselves and even then they are completely indestructible  I love aspect about these two books. There is never any angst or worry about their connection. They are so incredibly strong together. The beginning is painful and heart breaking and Redmerski makes you feel that pain right along with Andrew and Camryn. These two have been dealt a lot of heart ache in a short amount of time. It's amazing how they cope and realize that, with each other, they can survive anything. They take another incredible journey filled with adventure that you feel a part of. They re-discover themselves and their relationship. Even though they've always known, they really accept and cherish what they mean to each other on this trip. They set goals and priorities. They live outside the box.

Andrew is Camryn's true soul-mate and hero. He's patient, kind, funny, sweet, and extremely charming. Andrew's free spirit is infectious. He lives and breathes for Camryn. He has uncovered something inside of her that even she never knew existed; her free spirit. Andrew is an honorable man who had found the love of a good woman and he refuses to let her go. He proves time and again that he'll be with her through anything and everything life throw their way. Camryn is his equal in every way. She's patient, kind, funny, sweet, and extremely charming. She doesn't want to live a cookie cutter life fully embracing her free spirit and refusing to remain stagnant. Camryn goes through major growth in this book and it was a pleasure to read. Her strength solidifies, she becomes a woman. She is more than confident in Andrew's love for her.

Their entire story is a beautiful adventure, even when it's most painful. The balance between the pain and the beauty of life is remarkable; each day is a new day, painful or not. Everything about these two books works for me perfectly. How the first met, the adventures they go on, the plot development, the purity of their relationship and their undying love for each other. The writing is phenomenal, I felt every word, action, and event. Redmerski immerses you into their journey and keeps you planted there. I didn't want the adventure to end. I look forward to treasuring the story of Andrew and Camryn for a long time. A great sequel, a phenomenal series, a perfect end.

**I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.**

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