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Finding Infinity (Infinity #3) by Layne Harper: "Finding Infinity" as described by Colin...

"Fine Charlie.” Colin says dropping his hands in defeat. “Here's what I want. I want everybody to back off and let me play football. I want you to go back to practicing medicine because I’m ready for you to be happy again - not this forced shit that you keep trying to sell me. I want Brad to get his house finished because I’m tired of listening to his DIY project updates. I want Jenny to decide on a hair color. I want Aiden and Rachael to either figure their shit out or leave each other alone, because Aiden’s chick drama is annoying. I want Mark to quit trying so hard to be my buddy again. I want my parents to get off my back about us living in sin. I want you to pick a date to marry me. That’s what I want. What am I going to get? None of it, because I have to do another interview to try to patch the gaping wound that is my life with a Band-Aid.”

This is book three of the "Infinity Series." To read them in order, please start with "Falling Into Infinity" and then "From Now Until Infinity."

TeriLyn's thoughts: Release Date: November 26, 2013
**ARC graciously provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

Finding Infinity is my favorite of the series yet. Layne Harper has really endeared these two characters and their emotional story to my heart. Finding Infinity picks up right where book two leaves off with Charlie moving to Dallas to be with Colin. The story in book three takes on the journey of this couple adjusting to life together again. It's told from dual POV's and I love that we see firsthand from both of them their struggles, happiness, and vulnerability.

Charlie and Colin have an addiction to one another, at times bordering on an unhealthy addiction. Their love is consuming. The only time each feels most safe and secure is when they are together. The book starts out with Charlie having a breakdown about her new surroundings however she quickly makes adjustments and is honest with Colin about the control issues she's having. After that, Charlie shines and she shines bright. I adored Charlie in this installment. She totally comes into her own; she finds herself and a balance with Colin. As a fiercely independent woman, Charlie's balance teeters often. Colin wants to take of her, she can take of herself. She walks a fine line, and where in the past she would have run from that, here she's finally embracing that she can be both. She believes in their love for each other. So many outside influences are trying to destroy that and she never falters in her confidence. Charlie shows so much growth in this book and I was so happy to finally read her as a confident, strong woman who still struggles with deep issues on a daily basis but can overcome that and remain a confident, strong woman.

And on the flip side, we finally see Colin falter in the present. We've heard about him and issues as memories. In Finding Infinity, Colin shows some major vulnerability. And his weakness is Charlie. Colin puts her above all else, she's on an unreachable pedestal in his eyes and she doesn't even know it. His worry and angst for her is constant. This in turn leads Colin down a dangerous path of self-destruction because he feels he's doing right by Charlie. Colin in brought down from his god-like presence in Finding Infinity. His has faults and he's not indestructible. Colin wants to marry his girl and just be "a boy who's in love with a girl". He wants to play football. He has a hard time coping with that fact. When she's there to help him every step of the way is when she really shines. These two have trust issues with each other; they each have their demons to fight, and their highly dependent on each other. Their story is sweet and has really developed.

Finding Infinity is just as passionate and emotional as the first two books in this series. I loved this installment because of Charlie and I'm so happy with the development of her character. She's determined and a fighter. Colin starts mapping out the future more definitively. There are many obstacles standing in their way in this book. It seems for every step forward, these two are taking two steps back. But they persevere, their love is that strong. They exchange vows here and those words are so sweet and the setting is so perfect for the two of them. Charlie isn't a typical woman and I LOVE that about her. Colin and Charlie need each other; they know what life is like without each other and don't want to experience it again. They're fighting and it's fantastic. Layne Harper draws you in to their crazy world beautifully and then makes you fall in love when it's just them alone. Her writing is concise and full of feeling. I'm so thankful to have received an ARC of this book as I've been a big fan of the series from the beginning. I look forward to reading Colin and Charlie's next chapter of their lives and am hopeful they'll find their infinity.

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