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The Missionary by Jack Wilder: Ex-Navy SEAL Stone Pressfield has a bad feeling about the proposed church missions trip to Manila, Philippines. The college-age church group plans to go to Manila and help victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Stone's lingering nightmare memories about the sex-trafficking industry have him warning church leaders that the trip is a bad idea. He knows all too well that it could end in violence, and those involved aren't to be trifled with.

When beautiful Wren Morgan goes missing, he has a sick feeling that he knows exactly who took her, and for what purpose. The problem is, Wren isn't just any other student. She's someone he's close to, someone he cares about. Now she's in the hands of cruel, evil men, and Stone is the only one who can rescue her before the unthinkable happens.

Whairigail's thoughts: I had seen this book floating around for a while and I was a bit wary that Jack Wilder was going to piggyback on his wife's success but I couldn't have been more wrong.

The Missionary is a stunning piece of writing, absolutely incredible.

I went to an Author Signin Event in London on the 9th November where Jasinda Wilder was an attendee.

How pleased was I when I walked up to her stall and seen Mr Jack Wilder himself!! I was ESTATIC!!!!!!!! I mean I was so happy I did a little dance!

This novel is beautifully written, well thought out and so touching.

Let me describe a little bit of the story:

Stone Pressfield is an ex Navy SEAL who was hurt in combat and forced to retire.

Wren Morgan is a young Filipino college graduate who is determined to return to her birth country and do some good - by going on the Local Church's Mission to rescue Sex Trafficing Victims.

Stone knows it is a bad idea - his gut is telling him not to let it happen but the Church forces the issue and he decides...

If this is going to happen, he is going along to protect his Church Group - Wren in particular.

All goes well until the final day of the mission when Wren is kidanpped.

She is drugged, hurt, gagged, bound and degraded. Continually.

This novel will capture your heart, restrict the blood flow and stop you breathing.


It will all be worth it.

I swear!

Go buy it.

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