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Before We Fall (Beautifully Broken #3) by Courtney Cole: Sometimes, one dark moment is all it takes to turn your world black...

For 24-year old Dominic Kinkaide, that moment took place on the night of his high school graduation. One dark incident changed him forever. He's a hardened actor now, famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured in his own. He doesn't care about much of anything, except for losing himself in the roles that he plays.

23-year old Jacey Vincent doesn't realize how much her father's indifference has affected her. She is proof that sometimes it isn't one specific moment that wrecks a person, but rather it's an absence of moments. She's like a bird with a broken wing-strong yet fragile, as she tries to float through life, finding acceptance in the arms of random guys, one after the other... to fill the void that her father left in her.

Until she meets Dominic.

After jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, his secret and her issues create a dark and damaged energy that will soon turn their attraction to each other into an explosive storm.

Even though when the clouds have cleared and the dust has settled, both of them are almost obliterated... they've learned a priceless lesson.

Sometimes, before we fall... we fly.

TeriLyn's thoughts: Release Date: December 3, 2013

**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Courtney Cole has done it again. Before We Fall is another amazing installment of the Beautifully Broken Series. This story is darker than the previous two and just as addicting. The author possesses the awesome ability to shed light on darkness, to heal what is broken. One of my favorite aspects of Ms. Cole’s Beautifully Broken stories is her ability to make me admire the strength and fortitude of her incredible heroine’s. She writes fascinating love stories about two characters that are essentially lost but start to find their way when they meet their counterpart.

Dominic and Jacey’s story is a prime example of Ms. Cole’s story-telling. Both characters are head strong and stubborn. Dominic is completely broken, a shell of his former self. He’s beautiful, arrogant, and crass; the ultimate bad boy who’s not really a bad boy. Dominic is shaped by a very unfortunate sequence of mysterious events in his past and he has completely shut himself off to others. The darkness inside of him eats him alive every day. However, he’s playful, funny, and romantic when he’s in the right mood. Thanks to the exceptional writing, I found myself being drawn to him as much as Jacey. Dominic’s enigmatic presence coupled with his banter and protectiveness make him practically irresistible. I felt every ounce of pain for him; when he finally opens himself to vulnerability I crumbled right along with Jacey. His story is powerfully tragic.

Jacey is another incredibly strong heroine. She’s a savior for Dominic and she does it innately. Jacey didn’t set out to save Dominic, it just happened. She feels something deep for him almost immediately, even before she admits it out loud. She constantly refers to the darkness in his eyes and from the very first time she looked inside them I could feel the connection. Jacey fights her own demons and she is far from perfect however she accepts herself as is. She’s carefree and light. She’s funny and quick witted. She makes you want feel as light as she acts. It was easy to see how Dominic is drawn to her. I think the reason Courtney Cole writes a great heroine is because her heroines have all befallen great tragedies in their lives yet they have picked themselves up, made some mistakes, and just keep going. Their all strong without even realizing their strength or the impact that strength makes on others.

This is a series to read. Before We Fall makes you feel both dark and light; makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The characters are honest and real and their development is consuming, you’ll feel and be rooting for Dominic and Jacey. Honestly, you’ll be rooting for Dominic because of Jacey. The plot grabs hold of you and makes you part of their world. The writing is seamless and addicting. Yes, Courtney Cole has definitely done it again. Before We Fall could be read as a standalone however I believe you would be selling yourself really short. The stories and events that led up to this amazing story are so worth the read. They made Jacey’s story that much more consuming. I’m so glad I have read these books and can’t wait to read them again. I highly recommend you read them too. Bravo.

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