Book Review: Layers Peeled

Layers Peeled (Layers Trilogy #2) by Lacey Silks: Allie, a rookie cop hired and desired by a private investigator, is about to knock the wind out of Tristan with the biggest news of her life... ... right after the announcement that he fired her sinks in.
Tristan, the owner of Cross Enterprises, has a few surprises for Allie as well. And she won’t see them coming.
While the couple tries to deal with their predicament and growing romance, ghosts from Allie's past haunt her, slowly calculating the timing of their return.

With new assignments distracting Tristan, fate has stacked a threat against them. Can Allie and Tristan peel away their protective layers for long enough to see the danger brewing at their doorstep? If they don't work together, trusting and sharing information, it may be too late.

And history may repeat itself.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Layers Peeled was not as exciting for me as Layers Deep. There were aspects that I like and some that I didn't prefer or confused me. Overall though the story is still entertaining and the story of Tristan and Allie is worth reading.

The plot of Layers Peeled picks right up where book one left off and leaves nothing hanging in the balance. I loved the way the book started up until about 30%. Tristan and Allie are gaining their footing as a genuine couple and becoming more emotionally available. Allie for some reason though in this book isn't as hard as she is in book one. Once she lets her guard down I felt like she lost a little bit of her edge. Then the storyline starts getting more involved and at times a bit confusing. Some of the plot gets confusing with Marissa and David Wright. I sensed a connection there but then something threw me. Then they were in Austria and Kendra came back and Sam sort of disturbed me with things she said to Allie. It all was just a lot coming at you without any real direction. However, the Tristan and Allie time in Austria is awesome. The way the author plays out their story is fantastic. The elements that make up the direction of their relationship are sweet, surprising, and cute. Without any of the outside issues, their story will satisfy you. It's the outer layers of the plot where the story gets a bit murky. I also think that there is a lot more to learn about the all the characters involved because of the timeline of how Layers Peeled ends so I'm interested to read the next installment to learn some more of those finer details.

I'm very pleased with how Tristan and Allie's love story ended and equally confused about some of the mysterious plot. Layers Peeled is intriguing, fast-paced, and enjoyable. I look forward to reading the next book.

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