Book Review: Louder Than Love

Louder Than Love by Jessica Topper: In this powerful debut novel, a young librarian grieves the loss of her husband...and discovers a love that defies classification.

It's been over three years since a train accident made a widow of Katrina Lewis, sending her and her young daughter Abbey back to the suburban town of her youth...the only place that still makes sense. Lauder Lake is the perfect place to hide and heal.

Recluse rocker Adrian "Digger" Graves survived the implosion of his music career, but his muse has long lain dormant. Until Kat hires him to play at her library—not on the basis of his hard rock credentials but rather, because of the obscure kids' TV jingle he wrote years ago. In a case of mistaken identity, Adrian stumbles into the lives of Kat and her comically lovable daughter.

Using tattoos as a timeline, Adrian unfurls his life for Kat. But as the courtship intensifies, it's unclear whose past looms larger: the widow's or the rocker's. Will their demons ever rest, or will they break these soul mates apart?

TeriLyn's thoughts: Louder than Love is the sweet story of Adrian, Kat and Kat's precious daughter Abbey and yes, Abbey with an E as in Abbey Road - awesome! Kat's back-story is quite tragic; widowed with a young daughter she is trying to piece back together her life. Thanks to a cute PBS show that her daughter obsesses over she meets the illustrious Adrian Graves. 

Adrian is tormented by the demons of his own past yet finds solace in Kat and Abbey. In the first quarter or so of the book I found myself getting a bit bored but soon found myself completely absorbed in their story. Passion ignites for these two; they quickly become lovers and great friends. Adrian begins to reprise his life's story to Kat piece by piece. He's very forthcoming with his discretions of the past and what he wishes he could have done differently. Throughout his purging I had wished Kat would have opened up about her husband and their short time together. 

As the reader, I valued knowing the intricacies of that time in her life as it shed light into her present. I kept waiting and waiting for her to open up this part of herself to her lover. She kept it in ultimately causing a rift between herself and Adrian. The story is not very cataclysmic but the progression of their relationship and what endures provides much heartache just the same. This author's descriptive writing draws the reader into Adrian and Kat's story very easily. It was just the beginning when not much was happening between the two that I felt a tad bored. 

The depth of the characters is awesome; they are intimately real and raw. The shining light of the book is Abbey, a joy to read. And the ending is my favorite part. Not just because it's a HEA but because we meet Kevin, who is quite the character. They all go completely 80's fan girl for the Rotten Graves Project. The story comes full circle in an awesome way. I hope for more of these characters so we can see how their lives play out after this. 

Kevin and Liz should also get a book, I found them quite intriguing. The music references in the book are fantastic too. Louder than Love reminds us how to move on and accept love even if it’s different than what we had before. It’s definitely worth reading.

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