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Rebel (Renegades #2) by Skye Jordan: Sassy, smart, and sexy, former supermodel-turned-tech guru Rubi Russo has it all—looks, money, confidence and freedom. Her life is a whirlwind of fast cars and fleeting affairs—and she likes it that way. With a past like Rubi’s, forever isn’t part of her vocabulary. So when studly Renegade stuntman Wes Lawson wants to take their friendship to the next level, she’s all out.

Raised a simple country-boy, Wes knows the brazen Rubi isn’t his type. But after spending time with her, he discovers she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. To win her wild rebel heart, he’ll have to prove he sees behind her smokescreen to all the goodness she tries to hide. Then it’s just a matter of crushing her fears, shattering her barriers, and convincing her that loving him is everything she’s been missing in her life, too.

Piece of cake.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Well, I found a new book boyfriend and his name is Wes Lawson. He is pretty perfect. Even with his limited faults. Seriously. Rebel blew Reckless out the water. Wes and Rubi's story is so good. Passionate, funny, witty, real; you will devour Rebel. Ms. Jordan just comes barreling at you all the force of a tornado with Rebel, knocking you flat on your behind, leaving you breathless; just like Wes does to Rubi. Rebel is a story about a passionate friendship that knocks two people completely off balance and straight to each other.

Rubi Russo is a complicated, beautiful mess. I have read a few reviews where readers are frustrated with her. I didn't get that AT ALL. I envy Rubi in many ways. She's a stoic, independent, fierce woman. Rubi conquers life at full force living for her with such intensity and passion it’s remarkable especially given her background. Rubi is a poster child for female independence. She's also severely stunted emotionally. Conditioned from a very young age to take of herself and protect herself from love and stability, only associating these feelings with abandonment. Yet through that hell she's still grown into a stoic, independent, fierce woman. Who's also witty, brilliant, gorgeous, and fun. She's protective, sweet, and loyal to those that she allows to get close to her. I don't fault her for how she is or hold it against her. I have no idea how she managed to evade Wes's charm for two months, seems impossible. But I understand why she did it. Totally. She has never had someone step up to protect her; the emotions tied with such protection are completely foreign. As brilliant as Rubi is, emotionally she’s a wreck and has no idea how to navigate her feelings. I adore Rubi; feeling everything for her that Ms. Jordan intended for me to feel thanks to her colorful writing. Ms. Jordan flawlessly made me believe in Rubi; every beautiful, broken part of her.

Wes Lawson. I could seriously go on and on and on. He was the perfect hero. Literally sweeps you off your feet. It’s really interesting to me that Ms. Jordan created the perfect non-alpha. Wes is not constantly intense. He’s fun and carefree. Don’t get me wrong, Wes is all man. But he has this reserved confidence about him that makes him that much more alluring. Wes unnerves Rubi, unravels her in such a passionate way that I felt unnerved and unraveled myself. Wes comes at Rubi full force, crashing into her walls with every intent to completely obliterate them. Even though a few times he messes up doing it, he never stops trying. From the first time he speaks in the story telling Rubi "you're perfect" I was hooked. Wes is hot, passionate, and fun. He can make you forget what ails you, immediately flooding you with good, protective vibes. He is challenged by Rubi in the best of ways and he quietly begins challenging her in the most life-altering way. In his own way, Wes is unnerved by Rubi too. They start off as friends with the sexual tension growing tight between them. When he tells her she's his best friend, I melted. Wes tells her how beautiful and brilliant she is at the most opportune moments. Simply, just how Ms. Jordan describes his mannerisms or how his face changes when he sees Rubi ... seriously I just melted, that's the best way to describe the feelings Ms. Jordan is able to evoke. And seriously, the intimate scenes. Geesh, Wes does not mess around in the bedroom ... or the club ... or the kitchen ... or the car ... yeah you get it.

Jax and Lexi are present here too and it was fun to see where the two are headed. But Wes and Rubi are definitely the show stoppers. I love their story. The plot of their relationship is perfectly executed providing equal parts angst and passion in the hottest of ways. The passion they feel for each other is never put in question or jeopardy. Ms. Jordan's writing leaps off the pages and into your chest where you feel every scene, every emotion. I think Reckless is really good with Jax and Lexi, they just don't compare to Wes and Rubi. Rebel is one of those rare books that you love so much you just want to go right back to the beginning and start it all over again.

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