Book Review: Cut

Cut by Shavonne Paroline: Cassie is a 19 year old girl on the brink. Raised by an alcoholic mother, unable to afford college, and reeling from a devastating loss, she struggles to find reasons to get through each day. Cassie turns to cutting herself in response to the overwhelming pain and doesn't know how to stop. How does someone who has nothing find the will to care? When Cassie meets Josh, an incredibly good looking college senior, she is shocked at how quickly he breaks through her defenses. Will Josh help Cassie heal, or is she too far gone? Cut examines the perseverance we all must find during hardships along with the reality that love doesn't always conquer all. Sometimes we find the path to healing lies within ourselves.

 I liked that the author brought up a topic not too many are willing to talk about, but it seemed like she just glazed over it. It seemed like more should have been said about it but wasn't. Especially since it is the title of the book. There seemed to be a lot of things that were just mentioned but then dropped. I enjoyed the story but the book, including the ending, just seemed way too rushed and trying to tackle too many different ideas under one cover.

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