Book Review: The Hall Speaks

The Hall Speaks #fallsemester by Chloe Leigh Corin: An unthinkable tragedy happened at work, just a few witnesses left behind to tell the story. Only, it’s against job policy to talk about it, but the truth won’t stay silent for long.

At Virginia Beach University a Resident Assistant (RA) is breaking the rules. They've created a private blog spilling secrets -- from the unlikely lovers, staff hook-ups, psychotic breaks, the hall drug ring, to the loner student that worried everyone with his strange behavior. All of it leads up to the horrific day that made national news. The only thing missing is the blogger's identity. Well, sort of, because the blogger is one of the nine RAs in the story. Despite this major policy violation, they don’t want to lose their job or worse, get expelled. They love RA life.

*The Hall Speaks is the first novel based on Residence Life culture. It’s filled with all the things that happen behind closed doors of a freshmen hall. And it’s performed by a cast of characters inspired by real RAs and student affairs professional.*

: I am still at a bit of a loss for words after finishing this book. This book is very well written. I have read many books out there that try to tackle so many topics in one book and I have never read one until now that could actually pull it off. I never roomed in a dorm and never really thought about all of the things that go on in one but after reading this book I am sure it is only a portion of what actually happens. I know there is fact mixed with fiction in this book but the whole book felt completely real and made me wonder what college this happened at. I'm sure though that it happens at every college in some form or another. The ending definitely caught me off guard in a good way. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out the rest of the story in the spring semester.

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