Book Review: The Ice Marathon

The Ice Marathon by Rosen Trevithick: A one night stand.
A gross betrayal.
Every mother’s worst nightmare.

When Simon and Emma first meet, they find each other intolerable and are stunned when an angry row turns into sex.

The resultant pregnancy shocks them further. However, only days after giving birth, Emma falls critically ill. With Simon on an Antarctic expedition, Emma entrusts baby Joseph to her ‘in-laws’. On her recovery, she waits anxiously for them to bring him home, but when her father-in-law arrives alone, she knows that something is seriously wrong.

Is the distance between Emma and Simon purely geographical? Will Simon’s return be the key to reuniting mother and son, or is Simon integral to baby Joseph’s disappearance?

Maria's thoughts: Working for Shelter and living with a friend are about the only things that Emma lives for. Her personal life is riddled with mood swings, caused by her bi-polar disability. When a late night rendezvous with a man she despises results in pregnancy, Emma has a lot more to consider than just getting through the day.

Emma's personality really shines and matures throughout the novel as she accepts the responsibility of her pregnancy. Formerly a strong advocate for a woman's right to choose, Emma can't possible punish the baby growing in her womb for a poor choice she made. While some men would refuse to acknowledge an unplanned pregnancy, Simon accepts full responsibility and even finds a house for Emma and his child.

Emma is an unfortunate victim of our modern mental health guidelines. Being a bit too emotional, she's labelled bi-polar and put on medication. Because of the risks of lithium to the unborn child, Emma is weaned off the medication but wonders how she'll survive. At one point, overcome with fatigue and the desire to assemble cribs for the baby, Emma breaks down into tears. She accuses herself of being unfit to care for her child, but her emotional roller coaster is simply a hormonal rush due to the pregnancy, something that any halfway decent doctor should know. Emma is far stronger than she believes.

After the baby is born, Emma forces Simon to compete in a marathon is Antarctica. Miserable without him, though, she's anxious for his return. Suddenly the demands of an infant are overwhelming, and Emma loses faith in herself. She falls into her previous state of mind and requires assistance from others.

After a sudden crisis, though, Emma snaps out of her pathetic self and is determined to solve her own problems. With concentration and determination, not medication, she is able to focus.

This novel is well written and fast paced. It's enjoyable and hard to put down!

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