Book Review: Letters of Love

Letters of Love by Clarissa Carlyle: Book 2 in the Lessons in Love New Adult Romance series

Alex Heron has graduated high school and been accepted to Princeton! But will college be the fulfillment of a dream like she always hoped it would be?

Leaving her first love behind, Alex travels away from her hometown of Woodsdale with a heavy heart. But will new love blossom as she makes new friends and joins a sorority and attends a wealth of college parties? As much fun as partying is, Alex must remain focused on her studies. She’s worked so hard to be there, she must make sure it’s worth it.

Princeton will test Alex. College will turn her from a young girl into a young woman. There will be hearts torn apart and flames burning anew, and always there will be the letters from home, the letters of love, to help guide her back from the brink.

Julie's thoughts: Letters in Love is the second book in the three book Lessons in Love series. This book follows Alexandra Heron as she leaves high school and goes through her four years as a student at Princeton University. We get to meet Alex’s roommate, Ashley, as well as Alex’s new boyfriend, Oscar.

For me, this book was much more enjoyable than the first book. In the first book, I have to admit, I got hung up on the fact that Alex was accepted to Princeton even though she had been a poor student for 3 ½ years of high school. It bothered me so badly; I couldn’t allow myself to buy into the story. With this second book, I didn’t have that issue since it had already occurred. I found this second book to be much more realistic. Alex is still struggling with the traumatic loss of her father. She isn’t over the top dramatic, but her grief wasrealistic to me. Oscar is dealing with loss of his own, and handling it poorly, yet in a believable way. I’ve never loss anyone close to me; so I can’t say with 100% certainty, but for me, I felt Ms. Carlyle did a really good job of writing characters dealing with loss.

I still do not click with Alex. I don’t understand her at all. She comes off as cold hearted to me. She lost her father, so I feel as if she would draw closer to her mother and brother, but she does the opposite. How can someone go through four years of college and never go home to visit? I’m sure it happens, but it seems off for someone who seems to love her family. I felt sad for Alex’s mother.

Ashley and Oscar made this book for me. Ashley seems so carefree and fun, but apparently in a better way than Alex. She attends all of the same parties and sorority functions as Alex, but is somehow able to maintain her GPA, unlike Alex. Perhaps Alex should have followed Ashley’s example and not taken all morning classes so she could arrive on time. As for Oscar, I loved him from the time he appeared outside of Ms. Dunne’s office. When they kissed for the first time, I immediately felt he was the one Alex should be with (over Mark from the last book). Toward the end, Oscar does fall off for me, but I’m hoping he pulls it all together and comes back in the next book better for it.

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