Book Review: Man for Grace

Man for Grace (Salt Spring Island Friends Trilogy #3) by E.C. Sheedy: Love. Loneliness. And linguini...
Grace Whitby is feeling a little blue, a little lonely, has ever since her two best friends married and left Salt Spring Island. She readily admits she wants what they have, the right guy to share her life with. But when Colin Ross, her high school crush and now a celebrated chef, reluctantly returns to Salt Spring and an old passion reignites, she's wary.

Grace isn't keen to get involved with a man who hates her island home, has a clingy ex-girlfriend, suffers from stress headaches, and doesn't believe in the word "sorry." So what if Colin seems totally at home on her couch, her cat loves him, and he looks sexy as hell in her kitchen, the man's got issues. He's definitely not the man for Grace.

Until he shows her exactly what a talented man can do in the kitchen.

Maria's thoughts: MAN FOR GRACE is a slow romance. Grace has put so much effort into her shop and devoted so little time to herself. Now she's a bit beyond the dating years, and her friends are married. She sees her life as a dead end with only muffins in the future. Enter Colin. He returns to the island to work quietly. With a past full of bad memories, Colin must try his best to move forward.

Grace is a great character. She's well defined and believable. Colin is a hard worker who is driven to success. The author does a very good job of characterizing them.

The love story that blossoms is a slow-moving tale.

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