Book Review: The Memory Healer

The Memory Healer by Julie Filarski: On a wet summer morning in the historical township of Port Brandon, South Eastern Australia, talented artist and psychic Beth Montgomery reluctantly agrees to carry out a psychic assessment of Carrington House. She soon becomes frightened by a string of nightmares that could be warning her not to tamper with the metaphysical. Despite her fears, she braces herself for what is to come and continues to unearth the secrets of the past.

As soon as she enters the historical home, the image of a distraught Victorian maid appears, and then a young woman manifests on the staircase. Beth is transported to another era, where a magnificent four-poster bed, an engraved watch, and an exquisite ring evoke fleeting memories. When Beth spies a calendar, the date fills her with dread, but she cannot remember why.

Returning to the present time, Beth agrees to work for the irresistible Dr Matthew Jamieson, the new vet in the district. Each time they meet, memories of another lifetime flood her heart. She senses an eternal bond between them, but with two unfaithful partners in her past, she is reluctant to become romantically involved with him.

As her passion for Matthew intensifies, she regresses to 1895. In her past life as Mary Clark, she meets the darkly handsome Samuel Methven and falls in love with him on sight. But is he as honourable as he seems? Faced with Samuel’s apparent betrayal, Beth is plagued by fears that Matthew will also be unfaithful to her. She knows that to learn the truth, she must return to her past life, but that means facing an unbearable tragedy. Does Beth have the courage to move between lifetimes and relive that dreadful event? Will she be able to discover whether her soulmate was faithful to his twin soul?

Lori's thoughts: **ARC Generously provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

I started reading this last night and just finished an hour or so ago. I wish I could share the beautiful story with each and every one of you. But you'll have to wait until it comes out on June 19, 2014. It's not NA. It's just a very beautifully written, tender romance that spans decades. It's a paranormal romance. I don't typically read a lot of paranormal romances, but there was something about the description of this one that made me decide to read it. I'm so glad I did. Makes a person believe in love all over again. :) I could almost envision the places, the homes, the scenery, the setting. I don't know what more I can say about the book without giving it away. Just watch for it to come out and snatch it up when it does. It takes place in Australia and is being published by The Writers Coffee Shop Publishing House. I've searched for the author on Goodreads and can't find her. I also don't see a pre-order link on Amazon. But here's a link to the publisher's page:

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