Book Review: The Opposite of Nothing

The Opposite of Nothing
by Shari Slade:

Callie Evans would rather hide out in her DJ sound booth than face the fact that she's in love with her best friend, notorious campus hottie Tayber King.

Tayber turns hooking up into an art form--no drama, no commitment, no lies, and nobody gets hurt. Nobody but Callie, that is. When she sees an opportunity to explore his sexier side using a fake online profile, she grabs it. Now her uninhibited alter-ego 'Sasha' is steaming up the screen, and Callie is breaking all of Tayber’s rules.

As Callie and Tayber get closer, online and off, she knows she has to confess. And risk losing him forever.

**For mature readers, contains strong language and adult situations.**

TeriLyn's thoughts: **ARC generously provided by author in exchagne for an honest review**

The Opposite of Nothing is everything for the two main characters in this sweet novella. For my personal tastes, the book was a bit young for me. The characters were young and the actions of Callie were juvenile. But since it is NA and she was young in college I was able to look past it. Sorting through your feelings, however unconventional, is part of maturing so it worked here. The characters are a bit under-developed when it's come to both of their pasts and I wish we would have gotten a deeper look into both Callie and Tayber. The author provides us with a basic understanding of what their issues are but I thought even knowing a little more information could have made them that much more relatable. However, their friendship and banter is easy going and fun making their friendship a perfect base to explore deeper feelings for each other. From the very beginning you can tell they both care deeply for one another even though neither are ready to explore deeper feelings. I really enjoyed the dialogue in this story as I felt a connection to both characters. Having been in college once and having kept to myself like Callie does, I felt her pain although I didn't quite agree with her methods. Tayber is also working through some demons and realized Callie is a constant in his life who has taken root in his heart. Their story is fresh, a bit young, and fun. It is told from dual POV's which I liked here, as well. Being able to see how both reacted to events and one another was a good storytelling choice here. I enjoyed The Opposite of Nothing and would be interested in the relationship of Callie and Tayber further in another installment.

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