Book Review: Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits (Fighting Love #1) by Kali Cross:

AMBER TURNER has trust issues. Major trust issues. Shipped off to boarding school at the tender age of six by her power hungry mother and distant father, she tried hard to gain her parents’ approval and have the love she craved. After graduating high school, she comes home from school hoping she will finally have the family life she wants. Turns out, dear old mom merely needs her to smile and wave for the photo ops while she runs for public office. After she wins her coveted position, her mother doesn’t need her anymore and gives Amber two choices: be kicked out of the house without a dime or find a “suitable” husband from the “right” family at an exclusive college in Texas. Yee-fucking-haw.

TOMMY BOLT is a blue-eyed country boy with secrets of his own. To help out an old family friend, he offers to stand in as the school chauffeur. Damsel in distress and all. He picks up Amber and her aunt when they land, driving her towards her new life. Drawn to her striking sense of humor, smart mouth, and her scrumptious ass, he offers to show her around town. With his dark curls, sapphire blue eyes, mischievous grin, and one smokin’ bod, Amber is tempted to get to know him better. After a scorching hook-up, Amber tries to make it all about the sex, brushing off every attempt Tommy makes to get to know her with sarcasm and half-truths. Tommy pushes Amber’s limits, emotionally and physically, forcing her to break down her walls. His only condition is I don’t share. His only requirement is honesty. After one monumentally stupid decision, Amber violates his trust and Tommy walks away, obliterating her heart.

TeriLyn's thoughts: Pushing Limits shines right off the pages. The plot edgily explores sexual preference, pushes boundaries, and equals in both angst and fun. It's well written with smart dialogue. The characters of Pushing Limits help the book thrive. Amber journeys through a new normal after she's cast aside by a politically driven, loveless mother. She's suffered a tragic loss involving her first love who is a woman. This was my first bisexual female lead and I enjoyed it. She's rebuilding herself, discovering her passions and living. Her character is formidable against change. I liked her sass, her edge, her expressiveness. She's forging a path for herself, doing her own thing; she's real. Her honesty is her most attractive attribute. Lightning strikes hot when Amber meets Tommy Bolt. Tommy is a strong character, an alluring hero. He's charming, sexually demanding, and funny. There's a charged passion in every scene with Tommy. The characters have interesting back stories and the pace at which they're developed makes for an easy read. The secondary characters make the book better as well. Sally is Amber's gay roommate; they're often engaged in flirty, fun, banter. Sally owns who she is completely and it's refreshingly honest. I liked where the author took us, I liked the conflict, and I adored the characters. I did not, at all, enjoy the way this book ended. Being part of a series, there is always the chance of a cliffhanger but this wasn't exactly a cliffhanger the book just abruptly ended; literally just in the middle of scene, done. That's my biggest issue. I'm excited for the second book to see where this author takes all of these characters. Pushing Limits is a recommended read that will leave you entertained.

**Pushing Limits was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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