Book Review: A Ticket to Ride

A Ticket to Ride by Paula McLain: "It was August. For years it was August . . . . There was heat like wet gauze and a high, white sky and music coming from everywhere at once."

In the long, hot Illinois summer of 1973, insecure, motherless Jamie falls under the dangerous spell of her older, more worldly cousin Fawn, who's come to stay with Jamie and her uncle as penance for committing an "unmentionable act." It is a time of awakenings and corruptions, of tragedy and loss, as Jamie slowly discovers the extent to which Fawn will use anything and anyone to further her own ends, and recognizes, perhaps too late, her own complicity in the disaster that takes shape around them.

Lori's thoughts: The blurb on this one sold me. Jamie was a seriously naive young girl who was never wanted by her mother and grew up living with her grandparents -- until that's not an option anymore. Whisked away from California to Moline, Illinois to live with her Uncle. Everything is okay. Lackluster, but, okay.

Enter Fawn...The wild child. Jamie adores Fawn. Idolizes her. Wants to be more like her. Fawn steps into Jamie's life and things begin to go downhill from there. Jamie is an impressionable girl who wants to do whatever she can to please Fawn, including sneaking out and doing crazy things. By the time Jamie begins to figure out what Fawn is all about, it's too late.

Interesting book. I liked it a lot -- and look forward to reading more of the author's work.

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