Book Review: The Wicked We Have Done

The Wicked We Have Done (Chaos Theory #1) by Sarah Harian: Evalyn Ibarra never expected to be an accused killer and experimental prison test subject. A year ago, she was a normal college student. Now she’s been sentenced to a month in the compass room—an advanced prison obstacle course designed by the government to execute justice.

If she survives, the world will know she’s innocent.

Locked up with nine notorious and potentially psychotic criminals, Evalyn must fight the prison and dismantle her past to stay alive. But the system prized for accuracy appears to be killing at random.

She doesn’t plan on making friends.

She doesn’t plan on falling in love, either.

Lori's thoughts: The one good thing about being sick these past few days is that it's enabled me to get some reading done. I've been dying to read this one since I was approved by NetGalley to receive a copy. I could not put it down. It was a captivating read that kept me totally engrossed from beginning to end. I can't remember when I last read a book that elicited such strong emotions in me. I can't wait for the next book in the series! The whole time I was reading the book, I was thinking: Hunger Games. And that's not a bad thing, since I loved that series. But, don't get me wrong. They really aren't anything alike in the storylines. I loved Evalyn Ibarra, even though you're never really clear what dreaded deed she'd committed to wind up with such a strong punishment until late in the book. And Casey. Loved him. I will be sure to pick up book two as soon as it's available, and you need to pick up this one, if you haven't already. It's New Adult -- but it's different (in a good way) from any NA you've read so far.

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