Book Review: Wrecked

Wrecked by Alla Kar: One wrecked plane …
Two wrecked souls …

ANNABELLE JACOBS is comfortable with her boyfriend of a year JORDAN FINCH. But Jordan’s best-friend BEAU RICHARDS doesn’t make Annabelle feel comfortable—he makes her feel alive. One drunken night things get out of hand leaving Annabelle and Beau with a fire in desperate need of extinguishing.

But sometimes the direst of problems need more than a fire extinguisher to stop the burn.

The class trip to Spain was supposed to be fun. But fun takes the week off when their plane crashes over the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Spain. Only a few of the passengers survive.

With loved ones gone, Beau and Annabelle cling tight to one another to survive the hot days and freezing nights. But the guilt of their feelings keep one another from the path they truly want to take.

But sometimes love doesn't take the backseat.

Sometimes love wrecks you before it claims you.

Lori's thoughts: **Copy generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

I literally just finished reading this book and had to get the review posted right away. This is such an unbelievably great book. I loved Beau and I loved Annabelle. What a truly difficult situation they wound up in. They were in love with each other all along. Beau graciously stepped aside for his best friend. We don't really get a chance to know Jordan in the book. But he was a good guy. Bella's heart just didn't beat for him like it did Beau's. And then after the plane crashed -- well then what? The guilt they carried around for surviving -- how could they possibly acknowledge their feelings for one another after THAT? It would be hard for me to find something about this book to criticize, so I'm not going to even bother trying. It was well written. Well paced. I loved the back and forth chapters from Bella and Beau's POV. The only minor issue I had with the book was Beau becoming a bit of a jerk/man-ho. I get the reasons, I just don't have to agree with them. :) Still, all in all, a very solid 5 shining hearts from me!

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