Book Review: A Beautiful Wedding

A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful #3) by Jamie McGuire: You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs. Maddox. But what do you really know?

Why did Abby pop the question?
What secrets were shared before the ceremony?
Where did they spend their wedding night?
Who else knew about it . . . and didn’t tell?

Everything about Abby and Travis’s elopement was top-secret . . . until now. Fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster will get all of their questions answered in this whirlwind tale of the wedding day (and night!)—and as with all good stories, this one will definitely have been worth the wait.

Whairigail's thoughts: 
“If you're not with me, it's not where I want to be.”
This book is the third in the Beautiful Disaster series.

Book 1:Beautiful Disaster
Book 2:Walking Disaster

I ABSOLUTELY ADORED Beautiful Disaster - Travis was my very first book boyfriend, my first book lover and my first book forever-man. 

Walking Disaster - I was thrilled at the prospect of a second book but it was mostly just book 1, re-written and bored me. 

Then I realised a novella was coming out and I was THRILLED because I thought it would be a new part to the story. Which, in a way, it was. 

Firstly, and because this irritated me no end, was the cost. £3.99 for a novella was just something I could not justify. I buy aprox 30 books a month and will gladly pay £3.99 for a full length novel but I think the publishers truly screwed up on this. I only decided to read it as I found the paperback in Asda for £3.50 - CHEAPER THAN THE eBOOK!!

The book itself had some new material, all of which – to me – seemed pretty morose. I was expecting (and looking forward to) a happy account of Travis & Abby getting married but we didn’t get that. 

As always, Jamie’s writing was stunning. Her writing flows, her characters are true and she can evoke emotions easily. 

It was better than a 2.5* book, but not as good as a 3.5* book so I’ve decided on a 3* rating

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  1. I am right there with you! I loooooooooved Beautiful Disaster, and though I enjoyed reading Travis' side of the story, nothing beats Beautiful Disaster. I can't tell you how many times I've read that book. I'm excited to read Trent's story in Beautiful Oblivion... Those brothers just sound hot!

    xo Amanda