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Infinity. (Infinity #4) by Layne Harper: Colin McKinney has wanted three things since he met Caroline “Charlie” Collins when he was a junior at Texas A&M University: to make her his wife, play professional football, and have a family. In the first three books of the Infinity Series, Colin and Charlie met, fell in love, broke apart, reunited eight years later, and got married. In the years they were separated, Colin became the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but was still chasing his Super Bowl dream. Charlie graduated from Harvard Medical School, fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. In “Infinity.”, Charlie and Colin are facing their toughest challenge as a couple yet—finding the balance between their personal lives and career goals. Both are still fighting to have it all. In the final installment of the Infinity Series, will Colin get everything that he’s always dreamt of? And do Colin and Charlie ultimately find their happiness?

This book is part of the Infinity Series available on Amazon. The reading order is “Falling Into Infinity”, “From Now Until Infinity”, “Finding Infinity”, and "Infinity."

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Infinity graciously provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

Layne Harper expertly showed us two people whose need for each other bases on instinct, their love infectious and undeniable. Infinity concludes Ms. Harper’s Infinity Series by giving us an honest portrayal of the life these two signed for, remaining completely true to her characters. She’s woven their tale through the trials and tribulations of normal relationships but accelerated it to include a life of celebrity and status. The result of this journey in the words of Colin Fucking McKinney proves to be “pure fucking magic”.

Colin and Charlie survived a lot of heartache in their sordid relationship. Ms. Harper writes with an angsty edge that borders on maddening. She started off this story so brightly. Then what Charlie and Colin do best happens – they analyze to the nth degree, they get way inside their own heads, and they eventually combust. And I love every anxious, gripping bit of it. These characters endeared themselves to my heart from the beginning and continued to do so throughout the series. Ms. Harper takes us on this journey where the outcome is predictable but the way in which she reaches that outcome is pleasantly unexpected. There are twists, turns, and discoveries in their relationship to intrigue us into wanting more until the very last word. Charlie and Colin both show us their vulnerabilities and their strengths. Colin especially, in my opinion, goes through some painful times in this book. He craves control. When the delicate balance in their lives starts shifting Colin begins spiraling. His mind trips and falls over questions that he can’t answer. These moments are when we see him as mere mortal and not the superman he tries to emulate. Charlie as well, she has sacrificed a lot in her life to present in this relationship. It’s a vital connection she needs in her life. Her selfishness, as Colin sees it, comes from a place she’s buried. They struggle and cope and learn. Seeing them in the new roles they’ve chosen for themselves made me so happy. It’s satisfying and peaceful to know that characters you’ve come to adore make some dreams come true for themselves. The sweetness when these two are together is definitely pure magic. The connection Ms. Harper has created with these two characters is electric, you can never deny they're meant to be together. The purity of Charlie and Colin’s love cannot ever be questioned – it’s all the outside influence that taints them.

As sad as I am that this is the last of Charlie and Colin, I really enjoyed reading the conclusion to their journey together. The way it ended was peaceful and fitting for the turbulent ride they’ve endured over the course of four books. I adore these characters and their story. Ms. Harper’s writing and plots completely sucked me in from the beginning, they’ve matured greatly – the characters becoming much more and I’m so glad to have been a part of their story. I sincerely hope that Jack Collins getting the last laugh means what I think it means for the future.

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