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On the Floor (Second Story #1) by Jennifer LaCross: Who knew that working together and living on the same floor with the guy of my dreams would be so hard?
Well, everyone.

Rachel Harris has been closed off since high school, when her mother passed away. Worrying about her family has made her own happiness her second priority.
Jake Price has had family issues of his own, leaving him incapable of having anything more than a physical relationship.
When Rachel meets Jake on the dance floor, sparks fly. Fires burn. Their worlds change.
And then he walks away with no more than a thank you...
Through a twist of fate, they are brought back together when Jake shows up the next day as Rachel’s new co-worker. They reluctantly decide to put aside their attraction for each other so they can work as friends.
But when that attraction becomes something more, will Rachel and Jake be able to figure out how to work together, be together, and open up to each other? Or will their old issues be something that destroys everything they have built?

This is the first book in the series about the members of the band, Second Story.
Some of the material in On the Floor may be considered inappropriate for readers under 17.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **On the Floor generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

On the Floor is the first book in the Second Story series that provides an entertaining, light, flirty, fun story. There was no a lot of angst or depth to the main characters. While their sad pasts led them to where they are now, I didn’t feel so connected to these characters. It’s a New Adult read taking place in the college era of Jake and Rachel, told from mainly Rachel’s POV. The two main characters start work together in the dormitory in which they are staying. Stories in which the main characters build strong friendships and camaraderie before a relationship always work in certain ways for me and On the Floor is no exception. The playfulness and banter works well between Rachel and Jake. Jake’s in a band in addition to his college life and another bandmate Nate takes in interest in Rachel before anyone realizes Nate is Nate from Jake’s band. It sets up some tension for Jake to make his feelings known. I wish there had been a bit more development of the band aspect. The actual relationship between the two is where the story gets fuzzy for me. They were so juvenile in my opinion, I couldn’t imagine that the two, given what they’re pasts were, could be in college. Something about the way they interacted with each other just didn’t work for me. It felt too junior high at times. The conflict the two of them face was the turnaround for me where they started to act more maturely towards what they both wanted.And the chemistry and passion for each other worked so they grew on me throughout the story. Nate and Rachel’s friend, Jenna, had a burgeoning friendship and I think their story will be next. The story is well written and flows nicely it was just the character development that through me at times. I’m definitely intrigued enough to want to know Rachel and Nate’s story and even the rest of the band members.

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