Book Review: Pushing Boundaries

Pushing Boundaries (Fighting Love Book #2) by Kali Cross: The exciting conclusion to Pushing Limits (Fighting Love Book 1)

New town? New life? Yeah, none of it was easy for Amber Turner, but meeting Tommy Bolt changed that. He healed the old wounds and made this callous, sarcastic girl believe in love again. Believe that she could be loved for something more than just a prop or a mirror image of someone else. That she could be seen, really seen, and loved despite her flaws. But one stupid mistake and one huge misunderstanding left her heart broken into tiny shards of glass. After weeks of waiting to hear from Tommy, she texts Tommy asking him to let her explain.

She got nothing. Crickets. Nada.

Not one text or even a simple phone call telling her they were done. Who does that?

After weeks of moping, her friends try to lift her spirits and help her to move on, but she still struggles with the memory of him. That boyish smile complete with dimples that come out to play, his hard body, the way he could make her body sing, and his sparkling sapphire eyes. Nothing about Tommy is easily forgotten. Amber is confronted with new choices as some old secrets come back to haunt her, threatening to destroy everything she ever believed about herself.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Pushing Boundaries graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Pushing Boundaries gives us the continuation of Amber Turner and Tommy Bolt's enticing story. After reading book one, Pushing Limits, I was enthralled by the storyline. This book however fell a little short for me compared to the first.

The two main characters here are as fierce as ever. I love Amber's bold attitude, even when she questions herself it doesn't last long. Through the love her friends, Aunt Patty, and especially Tommy she really embraces herself and what she wants. Tommy, too, becomes this very bold character through Amber. They complement each other so well and their characters really stand out. The secondary cast especially Sally and Aunt Patty are great additions as well as Tommy's family. Everyone is charismatic, accepting, and gracious.

Where the book fell short for me was in the plot. The first half of the book focuses on Amber and Tommy reconciling and discovering themselves through each other. They know they want each other and where their story takes us works so well. Everything these two decided on felt real and fresh to me. "When you know, you know" kind of thing happening with them and it worked because of the developments we find out about their past and how they want to proceed with the future. However, in the second half of the book after around 40% or so, the plot goes a bit haywire for me. There are so many subplots working with secondary characters plus the events going on with the main characters it all became really rushed and jumbled because of the quickness of those plots happening. Focusing one or two of those would have made for better development.

Overall, it's an enticing series. Amber's character especially really grabs you from the beginning. Hold on tight because she's taking you for quite the journey. The fierceness radiating from her allows you to fall for her and believe in her character. All of the characters really. The open honesty and love from all of them remains something to be cherished.They're an outgoing group. It's a good read and I'd recommend it, especially since I liked the first book so much.

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