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Kick (Songs of Perdition #1) by C.D. Reiss: You do not need to read Songs of Submission or Songs of Corruption to enjoy Songs of Perdition

Fiona Drazen, sex addict, submissive slave, celebutante, trapped in a mental ward until Dr. Elliot Chapman can help her remember why she’s there. But once she does, she might not want to go home to the Master she tried to kill.

***This is the first of a serial. It's about 120-130 pages and ends in a cliffhanger, because that's how I roll. There's also a ton of drug use, and educated men who like dirty sex, because that's also how I roll***

TeriLyn's thoughts: I’m prefacing my review by commenting on the Preface of Bend. Nerdy, I know. I also don’t care because it’s a story about a book of stories and I’m thankful it was included. C.D. Reiss writes stories full of feeling. The splendor of her words coating you in thoughts both beautiful and perverse. Each and every word she writes fills your headspace with meaning. And just the Preface of this anthology attracts you to her style making you want to read more of her words. Through telling the birth story of The Erotica Consortium you feel the genuine significance and importance of this work, the respect for her colleagues you're easily bewitched by her words.

Yes, bewitched. Leads me to Kick.My god.Kick. A total mind fck.A manic telling of jumbled thought and emotion.Kick makes you feel as out of control as the heroine. Feeling every word, questioning everything.So many questions. What are Fiona’s secrets? What in the hell led her to Westonwood? How can I dropkick the enigma that is Declan Drazen? Am I Team Deacon? With his undeniable allure, demanding tone, and penchant for the art of sex. When will I meet Deacon in present day? Am I even ready for that molten hotness? Or am I Team Elliot? Elliot with his gentle reserve, understated humor, and mysterious tics. There's way more to Elliot than we saw, right? Is there even a choice between the two? Is the subtle intensity between Elliot & Fiona the same as the overt intensity between she& Deacon? And most importantly – am I even asking the right questions? A sorcerer with words, Ms. Reiss specializes in the genius of riddle and mind fckery, brilliance floating right off the pages.

Fiona’s an enigma consuming you in the depth of her black hole. She’s a bad ass in her own right handling her shit as she sees fit. I don’t feel bad for her. I don’t envy her. I don’t even understand her. How can I? As Elliot points out not even Fiona understands Fiona. The beauty of Fiona: she's exactly who she says she is without shame. Yet, there’s a completely untapped part of her she rebels against refusing to acknowledge. And the brilliance of the writing reflects the manic state of Fiona’s being, trapping you in her cyclone, feeling all of it. Fiona’s strong voice carries you through the chaos on a descriptively, sensory journey. Fiona’s strong. I loved her. A few GR friends have proclaimed themselves Team Fiona. I'm declaring membership to that club.

Kick’s beyond intriguing. Why? It’s the start of something big. You want; no you NEED to know more. The prologue to an epic love story?Maybe.A one-way redemption ticket off the perdition train? I hope. I do know, after Kick, I’m wondering, questioning, contemplating, and analyzing this new wrinkle in Drazen time. Already caught in the Drazen web, Kick provided the spider’s silk forever trapping me. Collecting puzzle pieces, the curiosity consuming, this story an intricate layer in Ms. Reiss’s game. A game that’s both a challenge and an honor to play.

Read Fiona’s captivating story. Take a ride on the crazy train. I dare you. And I'm pretty certain Fiona would dare you too.

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  1. I love this cover! And her cover for "Beg." I'm also intrigued by an author who has the potential to "bewitch" me. Added to reading list! :)