Book Review: Shadow Heart

Shadow Heart by Pamela Taeuffer: Nobody wants to talk about them, but there are events that occur in our lives that become deep, dark secrets we hold inside. And they dramatically influence who we are and who we become.

Such is the case for seventeen year-old Nicky Young who was raised by an alcoholic father and disengaged mother. When Nicky tries to make her way into the world she is confronted by the demons of her dysfunctional and sometimes violent upbringing.

Unlike many of her friends, she has shied away from boys, makeup, and clothes, instead focusing on achievement and her goal of getting into Stanford.

But then Nicky meets Ryan Tilton, a sexy, high profile professional baseball player, eight years her senior, and a strong desire is awakened in her.

Nicky questions Ryan's motives for wanting to be with an inexperienced girl and can't decide if he's a scoundrel or genuinely cares about her. She is both excited and frightened, torn between protecting her heart and wanting to trust.

Ryan brings his own demons--losing his father at the age of fourteen, and a sexual partner from his past who will not leave him alone.

Will their young, uncertain love be enough to help them open their hearts and experience the intimacy they both crave so deeply, or are Nicky and Ryan on a collision course?

Loosely based on the author's life growing up in San Francisco, this inspired contemporary romance novel deals with the disturbing secrets siblings share, the dance between love and protecting one's heart, and he innate desire to conned t with another even when it means risking everything.

Rosie's thoughts: **I was given this book in advance for an honest review**

Shadow Heart is based on some of the author's real life experiences. It delves into the illness of alcoholism and how it is to grow up as the child of an alcoholic. Nicky Young has had to grow up without the help of her parents and when she is 18 she has two men after her affections. Jerry a young man she has grown up with and Ryan a professional baseball player. Ryan in my opinion seems to use his connections to have power over Nicky. He seems able to solve her family's problems. However he also seems able to be a gentleman and looks after Nicky. Jerry is your typical high school student who is looking to have his first serious relationship.

I found some parts of the book difficult to read as they had little action but a lot of emotions. I prefer a good mix of the two. The storyline has most definitely been left as a cliff hanger and I'm not sure if I like it ending like that. I feel like there should have been some resolution between the three main characters and a second book could show the relationship that followed.
I give this book 3 hearts. It certainly would have been more if the ending had been more conclusive.

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