Book Review: The Terrorist's Daughters

The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1) by Brian Arthur Levene: Born in Chicago, Illinois, three sisters are uprooted and brought to Pakistan, after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug-sedated mother, two of the girls decide to run away from home and soon they discover their inner selves. One is a twelve-year-old blessed with a gift she does not know she has, the other, a seventeen-year-old proficient in the methods of psychological warfare. Along the way they encounter a handsome young man, and his family who are also looking to start a new life away from their terrorist state. Their travels takes them to Afghanistan, Dubai, Mexico and the United States, leaving a chaotic but interesting trail behind.

Developing a family among a group of outcasts, including a young Asian girl who is prolific in computer hacking, their adventures continue with the girls making daring escapes from authorities, and fighting Al Qaeda extremists working for their father. The Terrorist's Daughter all leads to a dramatic conclusion revolving around love, faith, family, and the potential destruction of an entire city.

Toni's Thoughts: I really liked the story line of this book. It shows two sisters that go through a very rough (that is putting it mildly) childhood. I would have like a little bit more back ground information about the life they lived in growing up in the center of a terrorist training camp. I liked the progression of the characters throughout the book so you could see how they were "trained" by their older sister. The thing that I really didn't like about this book was you would think that the situation that they were in things would be more difficult than the author made them out to be. It seemed as though the author went into more detail on things that didn't matter but when it came down to the more important and critical situations all of the details were just glossed over. I think this book was better than 3 hearts but not quite 4 but I rounded up as this book and the next ones in the series have some serious potential to being great books.

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